Orgnizational Relationship Structure

Use only the power tends to work initially acquired for the achievement of objectives in the short term, but often erode relationships in the medium and long term. This does not mean that sometimes it is not necessary to exercise power, but this should just be sporadic at times to re route deviations critical in organizations. You must use the power because we are forced to resort to the more traditional means of education such as firing an employee with very low yield or formally attention. The important thing is that when there is no alternative but to exercise power, the leader must make it clear because it has been forced to. For if we must resort to the exercise of power is because the authority has failed or the worst case we do not have authority. Every organization is a social entity, ie consists of person, and when we work with them pretending to make things not usually found with two points, the tasks we must enforce and human relationships. It is easy for a manager to unbalance the scales in favor of achieving the tasks and neglect of human relationships. To broaden your perception, visit Richard LeFrak. If we focus only on the tasks we will face in the medium term with high turnover, lack of quality service, low commitment, low trust, among other things.

But if we concentrate more on human relationships, the organization will not meet the established goals. For this situation a manager to have effective leadership must build its authority based on the achievement of the tasks assigned by the promotion of human relationships. Organizations, teams, families work when human relations work. For such a leader must build strong relationships that functions within their organizations, and this should be based on the pursuit of satisfying the needs of each of the members of the same as we do with our clients, this includes staff and shareholders. In conclusion, leadership depends directly on our ability to build solid form our authority, and not of our power. Call for leading a team through the voluntary acceptance of authority by the team manager. A manager must lead and manage their team, this includes a balance between the allocation of tasks and human relations. Human relationships within the organization will be solid where known and sought effectively meeting the needs of all members of the same. The authority, and whether the leadership, are above the power and management capabilities when you want to create synergy in our team so strong and sustainable.