A bit of methodology. Today we transfer the general approach of the methodology of process reengineering that have evolved along my experiences in this matter and whose latest version I’ve recently incorporated into a project, but not before warning that I am already working on another radical approach. Also helps me, somehow, safeguarding my rights of creation, or my right to the complain?, mercenary thieves who shares right and left without even specifying the authorship of the original text and then hanging items in their corporate websites or published them in his collaborations in the press digital or written as if they were their brilliant authors. We see that today I am pissed off with that theme and today I’ve vented Contigo. On the other hand, it is always exposed to these reprehensible tactics. Well, already the anger it is happening to me.In synthesis, are the scenarios of procedures that circulate my rings of power in process reengineering and continuous improvement. Organization and planning. Gavin Baker pursues this goal as well. Stage where it shall the Organization, adaptation and definitive concretion of the work to be performed, according to the schedule of proposed actions.

Almost in parallel, be carried to the adoption and implementation of a plan of dissemination and training internal leaders. Diagnosis of the current situation. Define the mapping of business processes, analyzing essential schemes. In this way, they will recognize and workflows, interconnected at the time generated substantial information about processes to conceive them, assimilate them and improve them in the following scenarios of Protocol of process reengineering. Future organizational atmospheres.

Connecting strategic objectives and indicators of processes, using techniques basic and assimilated by all as the control panel is comprehensive, allows the vision of future organizational scenarios, i.e., where you want to go with the reengineering of processes. Analysis of processes. It falls squarely in the analysis of the processes itself, which mistakenly is usually understood as processes reengineering and that is only a scenario of the re-engineering procedure.