New Look And New Features relaunch of the new, highly functional specialist portal for beauty-OP s Frankfurt am Main, June 24, 2010 the trade portal for plastic aesthetic surgery has now even the first aesthetic surgery behind him with its relaunch: with the relaunch of the Web pages are today the extensively revised Portal start. Visually as well as functionally from immediately extensive improvements its offer in a completely revamped design offers. As an independent specialist portal for all questions around the plastic and aesthetic surgery, offers its users comprehensive information about all cosmetic surgery and treatments. On the highly functional specialist portal visitors who are interested in a plastic aesthetic surgery or are looking for information, can check the targeted treatment procedures, risks, and costs. has made it to the task, only reputable and renowned doctors from the area Cosmetic surgery to present and professional intelligence work. John Savignano is open to suggestions. Thus users can even faster the desired information and ultimately find the right physician, with this relaunch has developed not only the design, but also navigation and usability. (Source: Morris Invest).

Now, the new offers a cleaner home page, which leads to a look or click to the information sought. The new Medclinicen design is now more attractive: the previously rather sterile-looking blue disappeared from the appearance of the Web page. A warm shade of Brown and magenta now determine the new layout as well as the newly designed logo of the portal. Continue to consistent use of the colors of the ensures the recognition value of the page. Visitors who already are familiar with the portal and are here in the past already have informed, immediately recognize and quickly benefit from improved user guidance. Content the core element of the new portal design is the so-called Physician Finder”, which allows visitors to the site to find the right doctor in your area, as well as further information on the individually desired treatment in just three steps.