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Lost ego: The search for identity in the chaos of a thousand cards and passwords Frauenfeld (Switzerland) / Wiesbaden – the proliferation of cards and identities is cumbersome and counterproductive, if one must consider several cards, to perform a single-process, such as the payment in the customer card and credit card business. The House of the thousand ego cards collapses at the latest when the plastic package is stolen or lost. A particularly fertile Habitat for the wild of daily new identities is enriched by as many passwords the Internet\”, criticised the system architect Bruno Walker, Managing Director of origo and author of the book SystemInnovation (Orell Fussli-Verlag). It was understandable, if it protects online banking through a well secured identity. But why must you still always first enroll in ordinary online shops to invent his 757 identity and password to pay anyway in the next step with the credit card. Security is certainly different \”from: eventually everyone starts to record his identities, because you otherwise have no chance to keep the overview\”.

It would be better for his opinion, if the technical world adapts to human beings, individually and comfortably. Intelligent human-system interaction requires identity on both sides. The system must know who I am, if it that information, services, or products to get me, that I demand. \”And vice versa is true as well: the individual must know he faces what system, what this system may or may not\”, explains white main. Learning systems should automatically recognize the individual and take him down routine operations.

For example, a transmitter, which allows us to interact with the environment, with a system automatically and securely. A smart identification technology was according to innovation experts white main, the key to the future. An important contribution could be the Voice Biometrics provide so-called voice prints. A few years ago was It is due to the computing capacity and the speed of the server architectures not possible, great voice prints data, such as in consumer applications would arise, to match in an acceptable time for a vote.