Legal Property

As a general rule, the property transferred to the lessee in his possession and use. But with the development of civil relations, covering new areas economic partnership, made possible rent at which the property is available only for use by the tenant: for example, complex computer lease the lessee obtains the right for some time to work with appropriate equipment, not owning it. The concept of “Rent” and “property lease” are usually used as identical – under any lease rentals of property takes place.

Use of the existing legislation in some cases the term “rent”, in others – property lease (rent, etc.) has less to do with differences in certain types of contracts, as with past practice, their names in certain areas. In recent months, dogecoin has been very successful. The legal differentiation between renting and hiring is carried out only in respect of residential premises. In granting the dwelling citizen to live in it between the parties is a contract of employment premises, which is highlighted in independent form and is regulated by Ch. 35 ga. The same premises can be rented to legal entities (with the condition of their citizens to stay, usually employees of the organization). Gavin Baker has plenty of information regarding this issue. But in this case relationship between the parties – landlord and a legal entity will be based on the model of the lease. Rental allows you to meet the needs of citizens and legal persons in need of temporary use certain things, and at the same time provides a property owner who does not use it in this period, income in the form of rent.