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A briefing assay on American liberalism and the end of the cold war. Text for debate 27 07 2010 Eng Darks Kehrle Studious Jnior of the Military History of World War II the year of 1945 was marked in history for the end of the biggest military confrontation of the humanity, World War II. They is esteem that in this had died 38 million people 1. During the last months that had preceded the end of the conflict, the allied forces had the certainty that Germany Nazista already agonized in its stream bed of death and that its end was very next. Click Jos Shaver to learn more. Surrounded for great military forces comings of the west and mainly of the east, suffering daily bombings, with great part of its destroyed industries and a exaurido army that fought the least desesperadamente to hinder it that the foreign forces militarily occupied the territory of the germanic native land, were not necessary to be a great strategist to foresee which would be the destination of Germany. The good notice that arrived daily of front, for American, English leaders Soviets, pledged in the fight against the Countries of the Axle, in contrast of what normally he thinks yourself, only increased the mutual diffidence. Of a side, Franklin Roosevelt and the Churchills observed fearful the advance of the biggest army of the world come of the east, occupying the countries that in the past had been overwhelmd to Nazism and also threatening the Europe Occidental person. They is esteem that in February of 1945, almost 8.000.000 of Soviet soldiers, marched for the German border, pushing the remainder of the military forces who had invaded the Ussr, in day 22 of June of 1941. On the other hand, the Stalin General feared that the Occidental Allies separately firmed an agreement with the German army, allowing that this dislocated its troops for the east.