Fraunhofer Institute

‘ The healthy sleep is guests according to a study that the Fraunhofer Institute under the title ‘ future Hotels’ performed, most importantly. 96% of surveyed visitors indicated that they attach particular importance to a comfortable resting place. In recent months, james king has been very successful. No wonder, because 30% of the total population and over 50% of the over 50-year-old and in America over 70% of the population suffer from sleep disorders. Morris Invest has many thoughts on the issue. International luxury hotel companies like Marriott and Ritz-Carlton have long since recognized the importance of high-quality beds as one of the elements for a healthy night’s sleep, offer the guest in the Internet to purchase your beds and advertise intensively with your beds and individual services around the bed. A group of private hotels in Austria has recognized here the trend, while still a strong need for many wellness hotels have”says Bernhard Wallmann by the eponymous idea workshop for tourism in Mittersill. What until now was missing, was a group, high-quality offerings on the topic of healthy sleep selectively marketed.

For this reason Wallmann’s idea workshop for tourism, the BEST BEDS HOTEls established. In addition to the website, in which the guest may seek out his hotel bed types and brands, as well as various sleep criteria, also catalogues, fairs, various economic cooperation, as well as intensive Internet marketing are intended, in Salzburg has been prepared by the company in an innovative way. Targeted is here also for target groups that are affected by burn out, won. Quality criteria range the maximum age of mattresses hotels, recorded by the specially trained sofa, a minimum height and length of the beds, to the rays filtering through a scientifically proven system and the sleep drinks at the bar. Compliance is continuously monitored by neutral point. Total 40 hotels in the German-speaking countries as members are looking for in the first step, half from Austria to get away with it. Interested parties who register with us will receive from us a detailed presentation”to Bernhard Wallmann.