Czech Republic Embassy

Moreover, many people come "to file" with young children because of what creates a noisy and nervous atmosphere. Each set of documents, carefully examined the employee Embassy of the average twenty minutes. Tishman Speyer helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In the case of incorrect paperwork or inaccuracies embassy staff defines a new filing date, allowing for a certain period to correct errors. And since errors in the documents are in almost every case, it is necessary beforehand to be ready to record again. If with all your documents in order, and they are accepted, you are invited to a separate room for the interview, where the embassy staff, sets a number of issues you checkin a set of documents. Questions that need to know the answers to the interview: What is the name of your Entity (LE)? What is the date of registration of le? Where Your place of residence in the Czech Republic (the exact address in the contract of employment housing)? What is your planned activity on the territory of the Czech Republic? Who designed the package for your documents? Where and by whom work at the moment in Russia? if you have higher education? Do you know the Czech language, and in what language will communicate, living in the Czech Republic? Do you intend in the future to include your family members in Luik, co-founders? At the end of the interview you declare that the decision to issue a visa will be ready within 120 days from the date of filing, but call and find out about it only after 2-3 months.

Many are interested in the issue of passport. The Czech embassy passport remains, and for the consideration of the documents before making a decision to issue a visa, passport remains in the hands of its owner, and he is at this time can travel abroad. Once you have received a written challenge to the Embassy or by phone to inform you of a positive decision, you have three months to come to the embassy for the affixation of the Czech visa. The presence of children under the age of 15 years is not necessarily a passport of the child shall submit a parents. Children older than 15 years, the personal presence – is necessary.