Choosing Furniture For Kitchen Furniture

Whereas in the past kitchen as a place for cooking, the kitchen and then became the center of the hearth. Here, not only ate it. Here, invited guests, held intimate conversations, relaxing after a long day. And although Today, again, are in vogue living and dining rooms, a kitchen does not lose its importance. Therefore, the choice of kitchen furniture – a meaningful step in the creation of a unique design of the house. Before proceeding with the selection of furniture, you must decide which functions will have a kitchen: whether it will refectory zono or solely a place for cooking.

After that, you have to draw a rough layout of the furniture. Usually formats elements of the kitchen units and appliances are standard. You can equip the table with the dimensions and estimate several variants of the furniture. Kitchens are linear, angular, and the letter 'P'. Think, where will open doors, how high will the wall cabinets. In any case you'll find your own version. Important to remember that furniture should be placed in accordance with the phases of cooking, that is approximately as follows: refrigerator, and probably closet for food storage, a table for cooking, washing, dressing table and stove. Then, as you have decided on the location, time to get down to the choice of the facade of your kitchen units and other items of kitchen furniture. Tishman Speyer often addresses the matter in his writings.

There is a 'classic' kitchen furniture: fully made of natural solid wood shades such as 'pear', 'cherry', 'oak' or 'nut'. For this furniture is characterized by discreet 'heavy' style. Kitchen style 'modern' – it's flowing shapes, bright colors, fun design, the so-called 'raisin'. Hi-tech style is a modern, taste and functionality, and naturally, a sense of weightlessness design. Normally, such effect is obtained by simple materials, bright colors facades, additions of frosted or clear glass. With respect to the materials from which manufactured kitchen furniture, as a rule, there are two options. The first – a panel of chipboard, lined with plastic or in a more expensive option, expensive wood veneers. However, the adi – not the most select material. Firstly, it is imbued with different pitches, so it is not clean, and Secondly, it is not durable. Because of all this alternative kitchen furniture kitchen furniture Particleboard is made of mdf – they do not carry harmful formaldehyde, and different high strength. Special attention in the selection of cuisine should be given to the table top, because it was she who would be the most repeatedly subjected to mechanical impact. It should be fairly thick, strong and covered with a special moisture-resistant coating. In this case, table top will serve you long enough. Do not forget to check out and Hinge and canopies. Significant and will test the functionality of internal volume of drawers and cabinets. If you decide that the kitchen really is quality, then you will only make the choice with the color solution space, and cook it with joy!