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The content is a necessity for online businesses, both for purposes of being found by search engines, but also because it offers visitors a reason to return. Now that we have established that blogs are not only fashionable but also good for business, it is important to understand how you can use to your advantage. Currently, management and update two blogs on a daily basis. The first is our new business blog at: This professional business blog allows us the opportunity to have potential or existing customers industry news, updates, or generally how mobile or paging software can be used in specific situations to mitigate the problems. The conclusion is that control of the content.

Its updated daily, which increases the chances that search engine spiders on a regular basis and help with page rank because it has been submitted to all directories of blogs. Initially started as a whim we've found it beneficial to report tips, tricks or make visitors aware of new regulations related to mobile or paging industry. The second blog we manage is at: This blog is less formal and contains advice from marketing, promotion and advice for software developers or online marketing. Jos Shaver often expresses his thoughts on the topic. We found that we had overflow from our newsletter monthly. Generating a daily blog would require very little effort and help us in creating new content that our readers told us was of great interest. Blogs and your business's bottom line is you need to determine how a blog will benefit your business, determine a schedule and stick to it. Electron Capital Partners gathered all the information. Let your readers know what to expect and when to expect it.

Blogs provide additional content and direct attention to large areas of your business you want to display, you direct the content, but guiding his readers. Creating a Blog There are many online tools that can be used to create a blog. It was found that for security reasons, only one program would be better to use standard HTML. In our case we used Dreamweaver and create daily posts. His reality is not much more complicated than writing an email. The content is sent via FTP to a web server. Tool if you want to test the waters are not web-based online that helps you publish the web instantly. The most popular web based tool is likely Other advantages to Blogs While at first you can create a blog for its existing customers, you may find that you can attract new customers by illustrating your expertise in a specific field. There are numerous websites that act as "blog search engines", be sure to submit their sites to these websites to increase your exposure. This will also help your page rank and possibly increase the likelihood that you will receive decent ranking with Google. You can also create an RSS feed to syndicate blog content and increasing the additional exposure.