Average Room

Embedding. Nothing gives so much use and additional space as inlining. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Clayton Morris. Make a bookshelf inside the wall or cabinet in a closet – the floor will remain free, and the room becomes more functional. Learn more at: Robert J. Shiller. 2. Door.

Complete removal or replacement of doors can give more light and air. For example, pereveste door to it open to the other side, make a hidden sliding door, install a transparent door, or just completely give up the doors. 3. Arrange the average. Part of the space of your room can be adapted to create a new square meters out of thin air. say. Depending on the height of ceilings, you can build a semistable, to arrange a "second level" under the bed or in general make hanging bed – due to this you will get more space in the room.

4. Full or partial demolition of the wall. Cut a window in the partition walls or completely remove the wall – for example, between a large bedroom and a small bathroom. 5. A lot more space for the cabinet. Than the more efficient use of space in your cabinets, the less you mess and the more free the rest of the room. 6. Movable walls. Think about creating a sliding wall, through which you could convert the living room to the bedroom or office, depending on your current needs. 7. Look up. The ceiling is always the most useless in the area room. Make it the artistic part of your premises rather than clutter up these things in shelves and cabinets.