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The Internet in Brazil comes if popularizing favours mainly the tools of search (former. Google), of communication (former. Social email, MSN) and sites (former. Orkut). The LeFrak Organization understands that this is vital information. But many other tools available online are not used because the people are unaware of its existence.

to not knowing that something exists, will not go to search for this in sources as the Google. Even though to the experienced users in the use of the Internet it is difficult to have a general vision due the great diversity and speed with that new resources appear. Thus they also finish not using to advantage part potential it of the Internet. (As opposed to Bizzi & Partners). Proposal: A popular resource in the Internet &#039 is the lists of the type; ' The best sites for X' ' (Example: ' ' The best sites to create its blog grtis' '). To create better lists the Wikipdia can be taken as inspiration, that uses the format wiki to have an including and brought up to date quantity. In one guide of sites in the format wiki some people could include new sites, to exclude links broken, keeping the brought up to date lists. these lists would have also a bigger how much bigger abrangncia therefore the lesser number of collaborators the probability of a good site not to be present in the list. It was thinking about this that was created the communitarian guide of sites:


Roberto Carlos Bastos Passion SUMMARY the Internet is today one of the most important sources of information for the most diverse fields of the knowledge. Had to this, he changedded himself into an indispensable tool for the education. The present scientific article intitled ‘ ‘ The influence of the use of the Internet in the process of aprendizagem’ ‘ , it intends to verify the influence of the use of the Internet in the public schools of the city of Lizard, Sergipe. For this, based in bibliographical research, it brings some excellent boardings on the subject in question, such as one brief historical vision on computer science in the education of Brazil; the constant challenge in the formation of professors; the necessity of the use of the computer in the education; the indispensable resource of educational computer science and one of the main instruments in the construction of the knowledge, the Internet, focus main of this study. All these analyzed points finish for strengthening the idea of that significant changes in the form must happen to teach and to learn, therefore if the world evolves, all the pursuings that of it are part must be considered to also move, so that improvements in all the sectors of the society happen. Check with lyft to learn more.

This followed of the analysis of the results of the field research and the final consideraes on the thematic one. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Internet. Education. Changes. ABSTRACT The Internet is now one of the most important sources of information will be different fields of knowledge. Because of this, has become an indispensable tool will be education. This scientific to paper entitled ‘ ‘ The influence of Internet usage in the learning process’ ‘ , check you want you the influence of Internet uses in public schools of Lizard, Sergipe.

Generalized Special Relativity .

srt – a special case of this theory, so it's not a refutation of special relativity. General Lorentz transformation using mathematical tools, which is impossible to refute. If you add them to the postulates of the theory of relativity and consider the space of events, describing the physical space within the entire light cone, it is uniquely obtained by conversion from srt. If in the event space to consider the surface light (isotropic) of the cone, then this space can introduce a constant factor for the well-known transformations of special relativity. May be considered when the srt and srt accompanying theory (SSTO) can exist simultaneously. Right to existence of any proposed change of coordinates in space – is: 1. According to impellam, who has experience with these questions. the existence of invariant two points, or unchanging interval. 2. orthogonality of the proposed transformations. (1. And 2. Show further consideration). Change the time and distance is usually three-dimensional space leads us to consider the signal light hours. This means that we consider Event arrival of the light signal at the mirror and sending a signal from the mirror. This means that information about these events could be delivered only a light signal that corresponds to the surface of the light cone. So As we consider the motion of the body relative to the observer, approaching or removal of the body, movement transversely, will be perceived by different observers in different ways. Therefore, observers are not in the same conditions. In this case, one observer sees some dimensions of the moving body, each other.

Proplex Apartment

Cosmetic housing repairs should start with demolition action. Remove old wallpaper, old flooring, laminate or carpet, cover the ceiling tiles in the bathroom and more. On the floor in an apartment you can put laminate or engineered wood. Cool laminate can lie to fifty years. Before you lay the floor covering, take care of their own comfort, and if you have the desire and opportunity, can place a part of recently fashionable floor heating. Above his head it is best to place the suspended ceiling.

Such a ceiling has several advantages compared with classical ceilings, say on a site with tips on renovation. Stretch ceiling does not burn, does not pours, does not split and does not require special care. Obsolete frame made of wood should be replaced with plastic windows. Take the service window installation – this will save during the repair. Very good material for plastic windows make the company Proplex and Rehau. If at your window is dirty, dusty avenue, or in winter you freeze in the apartment, we can recommend a box with 2-chamber glass, which has good sound insulation keeps the heat. Mull over and analyze the different variations of the look of your favorite apartments. You can install a Jacuzzi bath for the jacuzzi. Be sure to treat the directories, photo finished apartments and write for themselves the most liked, that's coming renovated apartment will help you achieve the perfect solution to your liking. Many repairs before turning to his own apartment professionals for advice – you can also use this board to help find a solution to a fresh design kitchen design, bathroom, hallway and bedrooms. Pay special attention to study of reference materials, if you're going to start a redesign – redesign rather cumbersome process for the realization of which is required to collect a large number of different resolutions and approvals, otherwise you may run into the penalty.

Apartment Renovations

Should start with the far from the entrance to the premises. If you yourself do repairs, then you need to buy a quality bench tools: hammers, screwdrivers, a set of drill bits for wood and concrete, pasatizhi, ruler (tape measure) and etc. Not prevent the existence of drills and grinders. What threatens to breach the rules? For example, in the hallway you have made repairs and proceeded to the bedroom. And now for the laminate construction materials are moved into the bedroom and back course go bags debris. What will happen to the flooring? That's right, he is not.

The first clothes, you try on your apartment, will buckle to the floor. Flat floor – is a necessary condition for a modern renovation. Once filled screed time to think about 'blood vessels' for your creation. These are electricity, air conditioning, water pipes and heating pipes. That pipe, so as to put themselves radiators too early. But the wiring make the most again. It can also be attributed, and sewage pipes.

Caution: the pipe wall in the wall – a bad idea. One never knows an hour, something flows or bursts – will all break. As for the wiring, you only need to wire Plastic Escutcheon install, and distribution boxes, sockets put themselves much later. After laying communications can take the walls – and even plastered. The same procedure must be done and the ceiling. Quickly and accurately align the ceiling and walls will help you Joiners stripping. The windows on the time of plastering work better to close the film. A separate question – the door. Logic dictates that they must be set before will be plastered wall – this will allow putty crack between the frame and the wall. But there is an objection: the door is easily scratched. You can try an interim solution: install the door with a box, and remove the door leaf. Paint the ceiling (or finish it any other way), gruntuem wall. Paint them or glue wallpaper – you decide. Now you can put sockets, switches, hanging chandeliers and sconces. We can now proceed to a floor covering. What is it will – you decide. Linoleum, laminate, carpet, tile, flooring – there is plenty to choose from. It should be noted that there are things incongruous. For example, a warm floor is not combined with parquet flooring and carpeting will be out of place in the bathroom. After flooring is laid, fasten the skirting boards. Choose a plastic or wooden baseboards – it's as you like. If plastic, it is desirable to get a plinth with cable channel to put in its television and computer cables. After that, turn on the vacuum cleaner and thoroughly Vacuum-cleaning the room.