Address Search – Tenant Unknown

Identification of persons with the status of resident often “unknown spoiled” change Germany’s citizens. This can be annoying if must still invoices are open and a creditor dealing with the subject of address search. Professor Rita McGrath may also support this cause. A study of Deutsche Annington real estate GmbH has found that only a very small percentage (9%) have never moved to. 15% of respondents have changed even more than six resident. This can often no longer be reached by post the people, be it companies, landlords, doctors, etc. Letters, which were sent to the supposed residence are unknown warped then often marked”sent back to the sender.

For landlords, it is particularly annoying, if the tenant is warped unknown and has even judges to settle. Above all landlords who have already made experience with rental nomads, are extremely careful in selecting their tenants and tend to perform a particularly intensive examination of new tenants. Landlords can protect themselves, by check not only the credit but require a certificate from the previous owner. No judges here are recorded and the landlord informed about contrary behavior, not the new landlord has chosen the best possible protection to the conclusion of the contract. Rent nomads are typically but difficult to detect and are not always clearly define despite intense scrutiny prior to conclusion of the contract. Has moved the tenants only once unknown and the landlord debt and not more rentable apartment left, this can search only after the new address and hope to find the former tenant.

The address search through the registration office is successful, has signed up the tenant and not to leave the country. Otherwise, the landlord can instruct the search of a detective agency or show the former tenants, and aspiring to an address search on legal way. The address lookup is also available in the Internet. The platform, under reach, directs requests directly to the competent civil registry offices. The data protection request leads thanks to access to 6000 registration offices to a high probability of success.

Major Internet Portals

Condos, houses and plots of land from the greater Munich area can be adjusted now free of charge on the Internet fishermen real estate in Munich offers a free service for private real estate provider since 1st February 2011: setting properties in large, well-known Internet portals plus on the own fishermen free real estate website. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out John Savignano. To do this, the company needs only good pictures, a description of the property, as well as floor plans and some documents. As Exchange, the Munich real estate agent receives a Commission from the buyer if a mediation is concluded. The real estate seller/owner saves the cost of the up to 6 real estate portals, as well as the time and can the expertise of the Agency claims to have to take, without a solid mandate given in addition. On request, verifies also the purchasing power of the purchaser the real estate company and takes care of the preparation of the notarization. For both sides is a interesting approach.

We know from conversations, that some private property owners do not want to commit to a single agent. We have developed this concept. And if it that close cooperation makes sense and creates a fixed job, shows up, we will not fight. “, says the owner of Rainer Fischer’s estate agency and grins.