Branding, The Importance Of Creating A Brand

The brand is a symbolic and visual representation of a business. It is even more important when the business is based on online activity exclusively or predominantly. A number of considerations can be taken to strengthen our brand presence in the network, and create persistence of it in our potential customers. The ideal combination is that not only it should appear listed in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Page), but also, to put it in simple terms by the user has included in its head. Not only is there a huge number of competitors, no matter what niche in question. The polarization around the search engines is enormous: 80% of online searches are done through Google, so it is necessary to excel within this site as well.

Here are some actions we can develop to create brand awareness of our brand. The first step is to achieve an appealing logo, and work in the visual presence of the site. A great site, easy to use and visually aesthetic accompanied by a large logo, is a formula that can not fail. Some considerations can be made about the relationship between the logo and the site. It is always a good idea to handle complementary colors, ie try to have the logo “combine” with the general layout of the site. Fluid identification between the logo and the site make a correct visual identity, and this contributes to our brand presence. Create a tagline relevant.

The tagline is a slogan. (, Does it sound?). Use your tagline when creating their accounts in social networks, and build their profiles online. The ideal is to be brief (no more than five or six words) and that includes some of your keywords. Be social. Participate in forums, and create a signature for each of them. It is not simply to reap backlinks through this strategy, which in fact is also an added benefit, “but it becomes the benchmark for your business area. Create a page on Facebook Pages, and use it! It is not just a document to leave his witnesses existence and power to tell others “I have a Facebook page.” Use active, do polls with their fans, listen to proposals, make small contests, polls, and, most importantly, contact your users. Do not let another write your entries in Facebook. Do it yourself. Let others know him, and give a human touch, non-commercial interaction. Adwords campaigns are a good choice and fit almost any budget. Try the new campaigns that include video, and see how the ads in this format are much more effective than just the sponsored links. Upload your logo to whatever directory, listing local portal services or permits. You generally must obtain an image in gif or jpg of not more than 250 by 250 pixels, which is what these sites allowed. Create a gravatar with your logo. The gravatar is a customized avatar, which feed many sites such as blogs, or forums. Consequently, if these sites accept gravatar, you will automatically yours. With these simple tips can create a brand presence in no time. The benefits will be felt immediately in sales. Richard LeFrak can provide more clarity in the matter. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source ag