The Leader

Gandhi: I really am a practical dreamer, my dreams are no trifles in the air. What I want is to make my dreams come true. Building bridges between now and the future we want to have that is part of the accountability of leaders, managers and leaders of the world. We live in a present that we know or think we know well and with which we agree to some degree but part of what we know is what we strongly desire to change and transform into a new reality to arrive at future possibilities to enjoy and live without anxiety or eagerness. The big difference between a manager or a common ruling is that, in this present of which we speak, the leaders know that things should be done properly and know the mechanics are made by themselves or through others. The leader, a good leader knows exactly the things to do and also called them and with whom and how to engage and motivate people with whom you will work. The leader behave as such in relation to the reality of their context and the proper port to which you want to accompany their disciples.

In this way, in contrast to reality, has the following commitments: 1. Being a good reader of the reality: the reality is there in front of us and is repeated again and again. It is stubborn as the facts that comprise them, and, sometimes no one knows it as it is. In some countries, for example, are in arrears to read their reality, their true realities, such sensitive issues as poverty and marginal conditions for a large proportion of its citizens. 2. Knowing how to interpret the reality: in addition to knowing what is happening is important to know why and learn to know the causes of the why and not just cyclical factors, ie, current events, but the structural, ie the elements historically have accumulated to form a phenomenon of society. Learn to interpret reality can earn a valuable and indispensable to know and act upon it.

Explain the reality and explain as to approach it from different angles and in this way actions that lead to finding appropriate solutions to the problems encountered. Depth is necessary to know the details and mention clearly know, that way you can access the next and final step in which the changes will meet the leaders tanto9 promise. 4. Transforming reality: This is the final stage. The reality, once read, interpreted, explained and studied in all its aspects, should be subjected to a transformation in those areas where it is necessary. Change processes can not respond to initiatives feverish and emotional or harmful improvisations that can lead to the implementation of prescriptions that are something of a remedy worse than the disease. The truly developing leadership promotes a new leadership and moving the masses to make them able to move toward building a new and better reality for all citizens. All this, based on leadership is truly inspiring.

Creating New Results

With these thoughts get the same results, if you think same as before the results achieved so far, to change the results must change their way of thinking, that is the starting point to achieve their goals. It is important to produce a great change in our mindset and begin to believe that what we want is possible, as once believed, continually make room in your mind for positive thoughts and images of success. Change your way of thinking will take time to have to rethink the way it did for years, it is not easy and perhaps at first appear that nothing happens, but a series of internal mechanisms will be operational. When you catch doubt or negative thoughts or contradictory, simply change negative thoughts with positive, repeat positive words, remember the power of words. Further details can be found at Robert J. Shiller, an internet resource. Autosuggestion work and feed your subconscious with appropriate thoughts, act with faith and tranquility. The conflict and the fear blocking our channels of realization, we must avoid weak and negative thoughts, intentions, contradictory and confusing.

Fear, envy, criticism and violence are like corks in our energy lines creative. Stop us from time to time and listen to that inner voice that keeps silent and talks constantly, is the voice of someone who encourages us to move forward for more, or just constantly tells us what are the reasons why we should stay as we are without making changes as we are not able to get something else. This voice encourages and encourages us to move forward or asks us to conceal it safe. Check out Daniel Taub Israel for additional information. The mind should be used as a tool to serve us, we must not let him dominate or harm us. A few minutes of negative thoughts enough to his face and show off a frown, with them come the desire to stop doing things, less energy and something that we set aside for another day, if we had discussed that thought might have changed a little things and avoid such outcomes. Care for and monitor their thoughts, remember that they determine its behavior and destiny. Spirit and elevated minds, financial success and material achievements are results of those who work with greatness and effort on their behalf using the full power of their thoughts.