In Web 2.0, to achieve Internet clients, the most important character you are. The Related Companies often says this. With the possibility of being able to share our views, Web 2.0 has become the meeting point and consolidation of the rumor about brands, products and services. Now all business managers are measured by their ability to interact with their customers in social networks, blogs, forums, videos, etc. To achieve good relations in Web 2.0 should dominate the use of the communication tools, develop our social personality and offer good content, because there is a direct correspondence between the good content and our social personality with sales. Communication tools such as blogs, videos, Forum, social network, require only initiative, put into action, invest your time. Just invest your time and drop his talent. For which we were born and live in the industrial era an adaptation to change is necessary, the business no longer consists in selling, it is very difficult to understand this?, business now is to let people exercise their right to choose, in the content that we offer.

Put into action in the Web 2.0 means sharing our opinions making use of communication tools. Significant is the kind of tool that choose, its global reach, ease of use, and especially to go with their talents. For me it is easy to use a blog, create and distribute content for another could be making videos etc. Using these tools we are visible, find them in search engines, recognized in social networks.

Overcoming Personal

I was afraid there are fears with which we are accustomed to live and to which they have invited to be a part of our personality. -Feared estar sol @ until I learned to love me mism @. -He feared the darkness, until I saw the beauty of the light of a star. -He feared failure until I realized that only failure if I don’t try. -Feared that people express its views of me, until I realized account you anyway opinarian me.

-He feared ridicule, until I learned to laugh at myself. -Feared that they reject me, until I understood that it should have faith in me mism @. -He feared the truth, until I discovered the ugliness of the lies. -He feared the pain, until I learned that this is necessary to grow. -He feared the past, until I realized that not he could hurt me more. -He feared aging, until I figured out who won wisdom every day. -He feared to death, until I learned that it is not the end but rather the beginning. -I was afraid to change, up to I saw that even the most beautiful butterfly, needed to undergo a metamorphosis before flying. (This article was adapted and expanded by the y team, thanks to the contribution of one of our readers) Original author and source of the article