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/ It is the first adaptation that takes place in the world of the popular 1980s American series starring Ted Danson. Next Resines, involved Alberto San Juan, Rebecca Santaolalla, Lola Mendoza, Chiqui Fernandez and Joan Pera. Antonio Resines returns to television with the Spanish version of Cheers, the first adaptation of the famous American series of the 1980s, Telecinco will debut in the fall and the actor predicts that a great success because we here are bars. Cheers is the name of an Irish style Tavern managed by Niko (Alberto San Juan), a former player of the Cadiz Club de Futbol love you seduction, but that never comes to consummate, explained the actor, so Felix Simon (Antonio Resines), the Spanish Frasier Crane, a behavioral psychiatrist, advised him, as an expert on amorous themes. Rebeca Santaolalla (Alexandra Jimenez), Lola Mendoza (Chiqui Fernandez) and Mister (Joan Pera ) they are the waiters which, alongside Polish chef (Adam Jerierski) and Niko will receive at the tavern to its regular customers: the psychiatrist, an Ordinance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Luis Bermejo), an unemployed person who spends his life at the bar (Pepon Nieto). These actors and many others that appear in some of the 26 chapters that form the first season are under the direction of Manuel Gomez Pereira, who debuts on television working hard but having fun during the shooting and that it has ensured in the presentation of the series, transcends through the screen. The director of films such as Queens and Word of mouth has added that work on television is more immediate and intense, and has praised the work of his actors, who are already accustomed to the pace of the comedy genre that has been defined as a clockwork mechanism.

You resines pointed out that Cheers tavern is not like the of Los Serrano, his big television hit, but predicts a big win this bets of Telecinco, because here we are in bars. Not only for nostalgic however, Gomez Pereira has pointed out that the result of the series will look with a magnifying glass, for being the first adaptation that ago cheers around the world. The scripts of this American sitcom whose broadcast began in 1982 – starring Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson have adapted to connect with current Spanish society, so it is not only directed to satisfy the nostalgic cheers as it aims to surprise new viewers, the script Coordinator, has explained Carlos Martin. Telecinco bet winning horse, said Resines, who has commented has played with the Chief Executive Officer of Mediaset Spain, Paolo Vasile, the payment of a party if the series does not reach 20% of audience laughs.