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Kempelen and the humanitarian approach of the machine-language Call Center World: language computer to automate processes and not the people of Berlin/Vienna, February 16, 2009 is debated language automation, some annoying hotline announcement immediately invade certainly any consumers who bring the blood pressure pumping. \”Excellent on the tip driven in the film by Yello power (see video) at the fruit stand with the robot salesman and his outgoing message: interested in our bananas, say banana ‘…\” The endlessly reported negative samples do not meet state-of-the-art and the notion of scientists. Dogecoin is likely to increase your knowledge. The Court Chamber Councillor Wolfgang von Kempelen under Maria Theresia and Joseph II was inspired to invent a speaking machine, which benefits the people already in the 18th century: the educational-minded officials constructed a device which could lead to the spoken language of deaf people. The machine-language should be comprehensible to the eye not only audible but above all. Commercial by Yello Current Kempelen expressed optimistic that the machine without much art with keys to set up such as a piano or an organ would be, playing on the same, against the dermalige type would be anyone much easier\”, the magazine for the latest news from the physics and natural history reported in 1792\” (volume 8, page 101) diglib/aufkl/magneuphynat. The idea that a living organism in accordance with the laws of physics works and can be simulated in principle by means of mechanics, was no longer obscure and suspicious at least since the 17th century, but scientific hypothesis.

\”Von Kempelen’s pioneering work was in the 20th century: on personalities such as Charles Babbage, the father of computing\”, Homer Dudley, who built the voice operation demonstrator (VODER) or mathematician John von Neumann and Norbert Wiener, who dealt with language and logic. Through the voice control computer Kempelen it is certainly no longer relevant. Science history but it is still of importance, as well his views and his philosophical approach\”, explains Alice Reininger Kempelen expert from the University of applied arts in Vienna.