Interests, Wisdom and Intelligence

They contain the wisdom of the ages and the convictions of all intellectuals. Close to them will always be an act of intelligence and will forget at least a regrettable decision. If you are from those who want to fall in love again or reaffirm the reading habits of good reader, I humbly present the following advice: Forget about that reading is a matter of wise or bored people. Rather, it is an activity who want to explore new worlds from where they are and without having to enroll in a school of philosophy and, much less a sect. Do not believe the confrontation of the book to other media or entertainment. Ara you become a good reader does not have to abandon their habits and hobbies. Even the television. Speaking candidly American Tower Corporation told us the story.

Read only the books of interest. It is not necessary that you read the classics of world literature or famous philosophers or economists enshrined. Choose the type of reading of your choice and dedicate yourself fully to enjoy the adventure of meeting new worlds and universes travel unknown. Go slowly and set a realistic goal. But yes, read at least one page a day. Clayton morris helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. I guarantee you will not invest more than two minutes. If you read ten pages used twenty minutes and in this way, in a period of ten days read a book a hundred pages or two hundred and fifty. In this way you can enjoy twenty books a year.

When he does so do not tell fast to their friends because they probably are not going to believe. Do not force children to read. Encourage them to do so but they feel an obligation, because it will create the opposite effect: the end will be declared enemy of reading and you will have some blame in this. And never ask them to read books that you yourself have not been able to read. As much status to give those books. Better a child to read but do not like the classics, another who does not like the books. Read quiet and do not cares. Enjoy this wonderful exercise. And do not worry because for now the book is not going away. And it will not happen until the day they invent something that provides direct access to knowledge and who also has a moderate cost, you do not need electricity and that can be used at the edge of the beach or in the middle of the forest, sitting in the shade of a tree or installed in the unmatched comfort of a hammock. BY: Rutto Alejandro Martinez Alejandro Martinez Rutto is a renowned writer and journalist Italo-Colombian who also holds the teaching at several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is included in three anthologies of Colombian authors.