Adopted Dog

The power of your new friend is extremely important. It is suitable to start feeding your dog with the same diet that has been previously and if this is changed, the change will be gradually. As well as the puppy that grows fast need minerals, vitamins, proteins, etc., correct for growth and energy wear, adult dog requirements in much smaller proteins and, occasionally, an input of energy also has muchomenor. The change of power of the dog, and any change of power in general, should be gradually, mixing ancient food with amounts increasing over the new food. Thus in 7 to 10 days is there will be gradually replaced ancient by new power. The majority of dogs sinproblemas accepts this change. The lifestyle of the animal should be taken into account, a dog with lots of activity require a feeding quite different to a homemade mascot that barely makes exercise. Dog obesity obesity can be a common problem in dogs.

To prevent it, observe the quantities of food that correspond to our dog in relation to their age, size, amount of exercise, etc. They should not give food or sweets between meals. If our dog is already obese, there is dietasespeciales low in calories, which will be prescribed by your veterinarian to help reduce and maintain weight. Correct feeding is exceptionally important in old animals. A low calorie diet can be helpful, as energy needs are often minor. The balance of proteins and minerals is critical, already that the excess of lasprimeras and minerals like salt and phosphorus, can damage the heart, liver and kidney. There are also special diets appropriate for the power of the dog must be racionalLa dog food should be rational, i.e., appetizing, sufficient, suited and equilibradConviene food is administered you always at the same times, preferably in the evening before one of their walks.