Property Rentals

They had alerted to me, then I left for the streets observing the amount available property with plates is rented. Property of the most diverse types: Building, sets, rooms, halls, lands, boxes, warehouses and etc. I remembered a course that I made, when the instructor inquired what it was more important in the stairs, if the laterals or the steps? Important it is the set to fulfill its objective. Today I inquire on what it is more important: The landlord or the lodger? Lodger or landlord? He would have the landlord properties for investments were not the lodgers? The landlords now can and are increasing the values of rent to its bel pleasure to them. Yes, they can and are making this. I believe that they are worried about some measure that can finally to this type of behavior, or want in little time to recoup last losses if she is that had.

How much to the negotiation possibility the one that I could witness, was a landlord to say for its lodger who if did not obtain to pay what he was being asked for, that then vacated the property, was for another place, ignoring the nine years without delay of one day at least in the payment you rent of them and to be conserving the patrimony of the landlord. In the colloquy it was suggested that if it did not have capacity that was not established. It made if it that it was far from its property. This has some property and sabidamente it could negotiate, but this word for this landlord does not exist. The trader who had placed its dreams there, to give jobs and to fulfill with its objectives, was one in such a way disappointed when seeing that nothing she had supported that it and it of this protection. He was suggested to it to increase the products and to cut expenditures with employees mainly.


It will be that If you to make of mine, its truth, our life you will be much more easy of being lived. He is certain of this. If you to make everything so that let us live well, respecting my wills, are certain that our life in common will be more easy of being lived. He will be, will be that always to say themselves yes, to agree to everything, we prevent that bigger annoyances are part of our life? In the indispormos with nobody does not become who happy? We, to the other or nobody? Yes it is parameter to measure the happiness of somebody? Or he will be that it is a way so ours of in them preserving of the daily oppositions, that disturb the course of our life, compromising our thoughts, becoming them many times a confusion of emotions impossible to be decoded. It will be that when saying always yes, more we will be loved, respected, or we will be considered as those that live on of the wall seeing the life to pass, without knowing of that side to be, balancing only the head to each made question, whose reply we know, but for reasons that we judge so ours, we prefer to give the waited reply, agreeing to our interlocutor? Everything seems so simple of being decided, but certain words exist, that cross our ways and that they make in them to think and to arrive the place some.

But, if I was you, it I am, it he will be that optimum and as much others, that together or not, take in them to have that explaining in them or silencing them for being thus or baked. Each one, when asking something to somebody, if finds that the other more certain and tries, by means of words, face gestuais, looks, expressions, demonstrating the truth that wants to hear, through its as many questions, that it intends are the answers to be given. But it happens that one forgets that the same it happens with all the people. It is the truth that exists or that it is thought to exist in each one of us and that is so ours. charges of the other yes that it inhabits in itself and of who not to give it there. There of who not to agree. Or not? ' ' The advice will keep and to the prudence you to you preservar' ' Pr. 2.11 Heloisa? 2011 and where we are we?

The Curiosity

Edward creates one masks to move away the people from it therefore knows that the relations with it are always dangerous as well as its murderous nature have conciencia of the attraction that cause the people is for knowing because it is so different and so attractive at the same time. You believe that never a vampire knew? A potential assassin where the voice, I smell, in everything they are you aggravate they say and they make everything that we want sucks and destroys our lives how many people already had had its lives devastadas for other people who it seemed to be the best thing that had happened in its Bella existence that curious potential victim to it for the things of the evil and the life clearly. A time I read that wise person and that one that learn with the errors of the others and intelligent that one that learn with its proper errors many times we after all do not obtain nor to be intelligent for that does not like nor rain because and humid cold and to search on legends of lobisomens and vampires they would have to more scare a little, the curiosity human being and if it did not exist does not aprenderiamos and descobriamos as many fantastic things as pleasure for example but also we do not teriamos known the disillusionment and pain then valley the leg to be curious for love yes always valley the penalty to discover the same love that it can kills more what the death for Edward was the beginning of the eternity for bella the continuation and perpetuation of its love for it. At last I believe that all already we live or we will live a twilight but the important one and to discover will give a definitive place of light its life and that all live a love history therefore certainly this will change you forever.