St Petersburg

Thus, if square, enclosing each unit – a favorite motif of antiquity, the lush leaves, filling the grid, reminiscent of baroque decoration. In the center section of two mermaids holding in the hands of a shield with the emblem of St. Petersburg. Their tails are woven into decorative floral design. Gaps in the cast-iron columns are filled with fantastic sea creatures, down into the abyss of water. Unsurpassed artistic iron castings, reminiscent of fine lace work – features a lattice Song of the bridge. Figure made in the form of a fan, the main element of which are repetitive palmettos. The original effect can be observed, Tuchkov passing on the bridge.

Lattice fence of the bridge at first glance very simple. However, rods, square bars, are intertwined in some way, creates an unusual three-dimensional picture. Going over the bridge – and is created impression that the fence blowing. St. Petersburg will soon turn 300 years old.

During this time, urban metal decor has changed – and today much in need of restoration. Fortunately, in St Petersburg have skilled craftsmen who able to give the historical metal renaissance. Strict romance and elegant baroque oldest metal gratings are found in religious buildings of England, France and Italy – compared with the secular church architecture was at a much lower level of development. Romance lattice XI-XII centuries were collected from vertical bars, the spaces between them filled with symmetrically arranged flat spirals a four-leaf clover and other patterns, not going beyond the frame of the lattice.