Property Developments

The procedure for registration of property rights could drag on for months. All of course depends on the honesty and integrity of the builder, but a common practice shows that this procedure takes a long time. Although it is possible to live in an apartment, and without waiting for property rights. Dell follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. You need to communication have been connected, the elevators were working and the keys were given.

But to live in an apartment building, where all simultaneously make repairs – it is still fun. At Professor Rita McGrath you will find additional information. In principle, the presence of equity you can select the builder and the house of the one you want. And if you take a mortgage loan. Then be like? And in this If your search terms will be reduced only to those companies and facilities that are accredited in the bank. Of course, you can follow the path of self inquiry and receiving documents, making them available to the bank and waiting approval company and facility.

But believe me it’s extremely hard and thankless path. The fact that the accreditation process of the construction company and the site is long enough, the developers are not very willing to go to such contacts, and if agree, then the process of document preparation is stretched, if not for months, then weeks. Also from personal experience I can assure you have never any developer was not accredited with the first call. Always something missing, something needs to update, add, clarify or to add. And every request is wasted time, effort and nerves. In addition, except how to get from the builder all the necessary documents, it must still agree on the bank, then agreement by the parties and approved forms of contracts, and those engaged lawyers, and it’s a poor lawyer who unconditionally accepts and agrees with the form of documents, the proposed partners. And since these companies operate good lawyers and draw conclusions. Therefore, I can advise the path of least resistance. Start your path is not liked by the bank, but from the developer. Find out, what banks they work, what objects accredited, and after that go to the bank and apply for credit. Of course, it may be that conditions in the bank you have an unpleasant surprise, but you live in the apartment had been dreaming. If you is not acceptable, then the path must begin with the bank and already there to specify with which of the developers bank operates, and to choose an apartment from the fact that there is. And in both cases would have to sacrifice something. But our whole life – a compromise. While the ceremony can be that the stars will converge at the right time in the right place and you get the desired loan and buy your desired apartment. By the way when choosing a construction company interested in her reputation, how long it is on the market, how many objects are already built if there were difficulties with the introduction of houses in operation, gather the information from independent sources, try to communicate with those who have already bought their flats, look for thematic forums. All this is necessary in order to avoid be with posters on the streets in the ranks of defrauded real estate investors or not to wait for years of settling in their homes.