Kiev Prices

m. In addition to attractive cost, an additional incentive for buyers is also the possibility of saving footage for apartments. For example, outside the capital can find a studio apartment of 35-40 square. m, while in Kiev will have to pay not less than 50 sq.m. Construction of new buildings in a suburb of Kiev is much more advantageous, since, according to experts, their costs by 30-100% compared with the objects of the capital.

It is interesting that to approve the construction of the local authorities are much simpler, cheaper and faster. Relatively low-town building (usually a nine-storey residential buildings) is cheaper and easier to perform, what cast-in frame the capital structure of 20 storeys and above. Number of flats in the suburbs of Kiev in the coming months will only increase. According to the real estate market, by May, their number will increase to approximately 20-30%. The largest percentage completion is expected in the cities of the right bank, as well as in the southern part of the capital. Construction companies are actively exploring not only the market towns of the satellite. New buildings are erected and in small communities locations where construction costs are 30-40% lower than in the large suburban cities.

But glad to potential buyers until there is nothing: lowering prices for apartments outside Kiev expect early, as the constantly growing demand supports prices at the end of last year. An increasing number of Kiev draw attention to affordable suburban housing, the quality of which, moreover, is not inferior to the capital. Buy housing in the suburbs, and newcomers, since in some cities you can buy an apartment with the first installment of about 15,000 and make monthly payments of 250 to 350 dollars. These prices are quite real, even for people with a monthly income of $ 1000. In addition, the purchase of an apartment in the suburbs – the possibility of substantial savings on rental housing in the capital since the latter are sometimes much higher price. Interest in the suburban new buildings are often not only in need of housing Kiev. Market outskirts of Kiev – a vast field of active speculators. Their share in the purchase of the low-income housing is estimated at 10-20%, while half or two years ago, deals of this kind were almost 5-10%. Such an abrupt change of place of business speculators caused by excessively high prices for new housing in the capital and unprofitable speculation. In addition, the calculation is done and the approaching Euro 2012, which would cause an influx of immigrants in Kyiv. In this case, the unpopular today locality significantly rise in the price. Galina city. Information system BrokBand All real estate articles to BrokBand.Com