Earn Money

To earn money by publishing articles it is not necessary to reverse, or be an expert writer. This technique free to earn money on the internet works and also provides the training necessary to become an editor of required content copper directly for their services. Publishing articles is a marketing technique whose key is to write articles using a method of optimization of content so that they appear on the first page of Google and other search engines. A great traffic that is tapped to produce commissions is generated due to this privileged location. There are several ways to earn money by publishing articles but the principle is the same one that governs all marketing by internet: connect to who are looking for a solution with who offers it.

In the case of marketing with articles this connection power with condensed and relevant information clarifying doubts and increase the interest of who found it before heading to the page or selected product. A method of proven effectiveness is the join a seller – to It may be from a person that offers a digital product through a site such as clickbank.com, until a huge purchase like eBay – through an affiliate program. What is basically made with this system is sending traffic to the page where sales are made through a link that is awarded by the seller or affiliate program. This link can be put directly in the article or in a special page created to receive the potential customer which comes in turn from a link in the article. Within the welcome page option there are two variants, one is the creation of a personal web site, which involves spending money, and the other is that of a free page that can be created in blogs like blogger.com or wordpress.com or squidoo.com.

To earn money by publishing articles is very important to upload them to a site that has a good page ranking (Google page rank). In Spanish the best at this moment is articuloz.com which has 4 ranking. It is important to repeat that no expert knowledge is required about the themes and products on which is written, user-level information, honest and direct, it is highly valued due to the huge and overwhelming amount of information and possibilities offered by internet. For those who want to delve into the subject of make money publishing articles, I leave the links in three excellent tools. The first teaches simple and direct keys to appear at the top of the search engines. The second and third are analyzers contents of easy to use which serve to verify that items are within the parameters ideal for keeping them on the first page of search. Just add once it starts and it acquires a minimum of practice work being machined and becoming increasingly easier and more fluent. These techniques are not complicated and can be learned by anyone who has basic knowledge of the internet.