Zaoksky District

Now the question cottage among Muscovites as not relevant. During the crisis, the real estate market is almost up and the only value for money, which is almost not lost its relevance, value for money remains in the ground. In addition, the Moscow region already quite crowded (it is visible even to the naked eye on the number of tubes) and overrated. Prices of land and houses in the municipality were often go beyond all reasonable limits. In such a situation, it is natural that many people have started paying their views on the adjacent area – there is still land prices are still relatively reasonable, though there is already heavily creep up. Based on the above mentioned factors, began to look for cottage and me. In my search I stumbled upon Zaoksky district of the Tula region. Zaoksky area located on the edge of Moscow, Tula and Kaluga regions.

Formally, it refers to the Tula region, although the latter now also talk about how to allocate it to the Moscow region. What is interesting Zaoksky area? Zaoksky district – it's the cleanest district in Tula region in terms of ecology. One cubic centimeter of air contains 2700 negative ions – the same as the resorts of Switzerland. Industrial facilities in the area, only 4 (specializing in production of rubber, textile products and blanks and gravel). Chemical, Metallurgical and machinery production is not at all. The economy of this region is largely agricultural. Zaoksky district – it's one big recreation 'recreation area.