Underwriter Faraman: Monument Piazza Lessing Is Sold Residence

As project developer, the underwriter Faraman assumes a costly modernization for the imposing, venerable monument of the ‘ Palace at the Lessing square ‘. Magdeburg, 27.05.2013: The renovation of the most beautiful square in Magdeburg Stadtfeld will be thus their crowning. The rehabilitation of the residential and commercial building at the Arndt-corner Lessingstrasse is the last renovation project at the Lessing square. City planners, architects and residents agree: the piece of jewellery at the Lessing place it deserves to be rediscovered and revived. The project developments are completed and the sale of planned condos in Magdeburg’s most popular residential area has started. The actual renovation will start in the autumn. After the beauty spa, the first tenants are insert end of 2014. The demand is already immense.

On four floors, 2 -, 3 – and 4-room apartments for 3.4 million fifteen arise with surfaces between 54 and 198 square meters. There are four apartments and a spacious loft. All units are equipped with a balcony or a terrace overlooking a garden courtyard. An interior design that leaves nothing to be desired ensures the appropriate comfort: parquet, floor heating and plastering. Duke Realty has many thoughts on the issue. A dining facility is intended for the commercial unit on the ground floor. The company calculated the prices per square metre between 8 and 10 euros.

Holder of the exclusive real estate investor is the MCM Management AG. The Magdeburg company will invest a total of 3.4 million euros in the elaborate restoration and modernisation. If you would like to know more about Munear Ashton Kouzbari, then click here. There is also the unique monument object in the best location of Magdeburg, in the middle of town area-East. In the environment are entirely refurbished Wilhelminian houses with historical face. Monument-friendly renovations of residential properties are the core competence of the emission House Faraman. For 15 years the company repeatedly, succeeds to get historical, meaningful objects and develop habitats. Furthermore, the underwriter Faraman sees good prospects for investors in East Germany Cities such as Magdeburg. Because the demand in cities such as Magdeburg, Leipzig and Dresden will grow continuously, creating a stable real estate market here. The sites are becoming popular, young and dynamic metropolis with a high quality of life. Since the German reunification is Magdeburg the second greenest city of in Germany, state capital of Saxony-Anhalt, economic and Logistics Center, internationally recognized location for science and research as well as popular meeting and Congress. With approximately 230,000 inhabitants and more than 18,000 students from all over the world, Magdeburg a future-oriented city between tradition and modernity is a city full of history, color, sports, culture and thirst for knowledge. A well-developed health and social network, an extensive range of apartments and construction sites, excellent connections to the local and long-distance services, as well as sustainable environmental projects underline the quality of life here in addition.