The Two Sides Of The Currency

Bibliographical reference: Amory Lovins, Hunter Lovins. The Story of the Two Botanical/St Louis Post Despach Resenhado For Paula Eveline: The Two Sides of the Currency This article was produced by Amory Lovins, physicist, graduated the University of Oxford and Havard and Hunter Lovins, lawyer and social, consulting scientist of company and co-founder of the Institute Rocky Mmontaun. This article was published for the first time in the St Louis Post and translated by liana John/AE. In the evolution of the plants, an admirable biodiversity appears that it came resisting the threats and supporting ecosystems with exception the destructive capacity of the human beings. The botany associated with genetics of Mendel and Lamarck, evolving the vegetal structure of the plants, created in 10 a thousand years of agriculture.

U.S.A. Clayton cardenas has many thoughts on the issue. is exporting transgnicos products to other countries with the gene ' ' remendo' ' , without specifying in labels, not informing the population on the problem not to confuse in its exportations. These genes ' ' remendo' ' they can bring organisms genetically modified that they are proliferated in a surprising speed, without control some. With this, if the genes will be resistant the herbicidas assume proper life being able to escape, producing super-grass harmful. For more information see this site: jim kingery. Moreover, they can try to control also with insecticidal genes that can make the health badly human being, not killing only the desired target. Then to multiply the amount of food for the hungry population, the researchers are using biotechnological resources, as the transgnicos, supplying the necessities of the food lack for the population. It remains to know, if this new food source is really insurance, because the transgnicos can bring as many benefits how much curses. Then in case that the society uses is new tool against the hunger in incorrect and wild way, it can cause many even though irreversible damages. This controversial subject of science, showing the two sides of the currency, the man using the resources of the transgnicos to enrich and to gain status without importing with the health human being and forgetting the wisdom the nature. But the author was radical, must itself be gotten more information on the transgnicos, everything in science appears with experiments later to be approved, for then becoming public good for society. Then it is necessary to have balance and caution to take the decision correct and not to have an opinion maken a mistake without perceiving the advantages that the transgnicos can bring the population.