The Roof Should Be In Color

Strasbourg sociologists every 5 years, conducting interviews with control groups at the most favorable species for the human eye. At the end of the last century to the list of the top five, along with forests, snow-capped mountains, the sea and the rising or setting sun became a city block nevysotnoy building with colored roofs. Since then, the respondents referred to this species in each study for the past three decades. OVERALL between color and Own home and it is not surprising. Psychologists have long established that the color significantly affects the perception of the psycho-emotional person. Colors refer to the senses rather than to logic.

There is even a science cromatics: an analysis of perception and discrimination on the basis of systematic color information from the physics, physiology and psychology. The closest and valuable to man is his own home. It is laid on animal level, and then consciously and repeatedly reinforced in Homo sapiens. Please visit Vadim Belyaev, New York City if you seek more information. Housing – the need for protection, rest, recuperation, procreation, and more. Only in his home to relax, gain strength, to do favorite thing, pay attention to the family. Therefore, the use of color in setting their own home is one of the most important values in life. And it is primarily about the roof, which, without exaggeration, "makes a person" throughout the structure. The color starts to affect us since childhood.

The difference between the primary colors (red, yellow, green, blue) is given to us at birth. Before we begin to know his father and mother. Therefore, the roof in the range from red to Yellow begins to associate the child with a home from the first weeks of life. Especially because at this age children are not yet differentiated complex shades. Philadelphia Condos oftentimes addresses this issue. They just associate the red-yellow range with a warm, cozy, protected, saturation, rest, sleep. It is laid early in life, but remains in us forever.