Temperance Man

Value justice a day to go way to school with my son who was then studying just third grade of primary school, was very thoughtful and suddenly told me: Pope, I believe that all those who are studying a career must be fairer, asked him why said that, explaining me, I think that it is fair that among all studied them and end up a career must find the solution for because there are no children living on the street. Since then one values more present I have is the justice, be fair is a habit operating of will is a good habit, which means that being fair is a virtue, because we would understand as justice giving each one what corresponds to, and believe me that this is not easy. In our times has become something of what is spoken in all the media on a daily basis, due to insecurity in which we live, even justice there have been statements made by our politicians, in a simple way, which say that there have been and will continue having deaths of innocent people, in the clashes between the authority and organised crime, but this is not anything other than the price of justice. Do really doing justice will have to pay such a high price?, justice is a cardinal along with prudence, fortitude and Temperance value, be fair is to do good to others, avoid doing evil, be grateful for favors received and be faithful to the promises, affable neighbor, etc. In a book of Malba Tahan there is a history of 8 breads which in short is an example of the sense of fairness, has found two men who were walking through the desert to a third, which asks them to eat and promises them that when you arrive will pay the people with 8 gold coins, one of the men wore 5 loaves and the other 3which ate between three men in equal parts. Arriving at the people the third man met promised giving 5 coins to the man wearing 5 loaves and three coins to another carrying 3 breads, the first man (of the 5 loaves) said that it wasn’t fair since he corresponded him 7 coins and the other only one, and explained because each bread they ate they divided it into three equal parts, and did so with 8 breads so it is evident that if the first man had 5 breads the contributed 15 pieces and the second man who had 3 breads contributed 9 piece which gives a total of 24 pieces of bread.

Each ate 8 pieces and if the first 15 of which contributed the ate 8 7 remaining the third man ate them by they touch 7 coins and the second man who contributed 9 piece he ate 8 by what piece that left him the third man ate it therefore toca le a coin. This seems fair, but instead in the eyes of God is not perfect so breads men divided coins equally. Justice must inculcate it through our habits from home with our children, in the school through lessons by teachers, in the religious turning us men generous and pious, so returning to the comment made by my son, that we have the opportunity to attend a University, justice is a virtue practiced through our daily habits and should show it all.