Strategic Guidelines

Value management represents a significantly more complex and more sustainable approach than the classical benefit assessment Darmstadt/Seeheim-Jugenheim, 15.02.2011 – while the IT controlling has a permanent place in the company for a long time, the IT value management as an instrument for the value-based management of investments and structures often only plays a minor role. Play an essential role to him, because the determination of the respective value contribution of a project significantly beyond the classic benefit assessment such as the introduction of new technologies. Companies frequently enter new territory, must arise but this topic, because the question of the profitability and competitiveness of IT’s value contribution is increasingly vocal”, Judge Michael Maicher, Managing Director of the consulting firm ardour consulting. Because all IT projects though would be a result, but not all the results generate real benefits. In a question-answer forum james king was the first to reply. This requires in consequence, that the IT in their structures and effectiveness is significantly more transparent and must create the conditions for a practical IT value management.” Its core task was to identify the correlations between measures or projects and their procedural, architectural and other effects to identified stakeholders and to represent in value propositions. To support the company with the introduction of value management ardour Consulting has developed strategic guidelines, on the basis of which the essential tasks can be derived: 1 methods for the transparency of value propositions: belongs to the central question of the IT value management, how meaningful cost / benefit considerations evolve for the value of contributions of IT can be. Specifically: Are these contributions transparent, assessable and comprehensible represent them? This requires the adoption of a methodology as they in the market both by market research firms such as Gartner and Forrester, but also Intel and Microsoft as IT vendors and the IT Governance Institute and universities such as the University of Cranfield to be offered. . Continue to learn more with: Ramon Campollo.