SPL Amplifiers

These parameters of the equation affect the development approach to the design of acoustic systems (AS) and are reflected in the different principles of sound and composition of the sound equipment. But once there are rules, then there must be exceptions to them. It is known that the horn system with high sound pressure does not fit well in theaters, but indispensable to the stadium and club venues, where the technical conditions dictate the creation of very high levels of SPL. (Source: jessica kingery). Linear arrays, which were originally developed for scoring extended spaces have now become so compact in size that they may be used on the premises, tens of sq.m! Also do not forget about the market segmentation on the basis of active / passive acoustic systems, which further complicates the situation by choosing an optimal set of speakers … On Statistics passive acoustic systems are most often used in stationary installations, providing a higher level of sound quality and reliability of the loudspeaker industry. These acoustic systems usually are suspended above the stage, and amplifier modules are placed in hardware, thus providing easy access to the amplifiers for the prevention and repair. In this situation, active speaker systems are virtually deprived of the opportunity to upgrade their amplifiers (amplifiers because technology is constantly evolving), but they have such advantages as the ability to work at a great distance from zvukorezhisserskogo remote control, sound sources and ease of touring (mobile) use. Company of China has taken into account Harman, all these factors. .