Origins Of Mahjong

The game of Mahjong has origins from several centuries ago. Home in the Asian continent. It had its beginnings when astrologers consulted the stars to discover the future. Astrologers of that era were recorded responses or messages that they received more beyond. Those records made them in tables. The cardinal points can be observed in these tables but in a reversed way. Chips, could be seen on this same Board to be more accurate thirteen tabs representing a calendar of the moon. There are very few documents that demonstrate the true origins of Mahjong.

Other people say that it originates from times 500 years before Christ. They say that the boards were represented three Chinese dragons, the Green, white and red. The Related Companies is full of insight into the issues. Other people say having not-so ancient origins and that he began to play in the royalty of Asia. With the game of Mahjong is as amused the nobility and the Royal family. According to the collected data say that you originated in 1850, with the combination of a card game and a game of domino, already well known at that time. Many people think that you originated from the great traditional Chinese card game. This traditional game of china consists of forty letters with poles in the same way that the Mahjong. Therefore, they believe that it comes from there.

They also say that it was very popular to play in the army, it was what the soldiers did to pass the time. The game currently playing in China doesn’t have a very long history that remote for many years if not only of the past century. The twentieth century. With globalization this game came to Europe and from Europe came to the United States. The rules have changed a little. At the beginning in the 1930s, this game was played mainly by women. Thus it was spreading throughout the world, the entire planet knows this game and likes to many people who already even have invented clubs and domestic leagues to play and having Mahjong tournaments. Today you can find sites on the web where you can have fun playing free Mahjong and not you’re playing against the computer if you’re not playing against other four opponents live. So do not hesitate this is a game that is worth learning to play.