Net Globe

The research of this author looks for to understand as the novel the King of the Cattle was received in two completely different realities: it enters the Mount inhabitants Clearly, in the mining interior, and between great advertising executives of So Paulo. In this author, ' ' moderno' ' ' ' tradicional' ' they are relativized. For the viewers of the small city, its proper place of housing is classified as ' ' atrasado' ' , in opposition to the great shown urban centers in novels, especially Rio De Janeiro and So Paulo, considered ' ' modernas' '. You may find that Down2Earth can contribute to your knowledge. For the great advertising executives, however, the great Brazilian metropolises are that they are ' ' atrasadas' ' , and the dichotomy is established by ' ' modernas' ' New York, Paris and other great cities of the first world. The representation between the modern and the traditional one, however, if becomes complex more from Pantanal. According to Hamburger, the novel of the Manchete Net represented a landmark in the history of the Brazilian soap operas.

For the first time, since 1970, the Net Globe had a direct competitor for the hearing. See Elie Rieder for more details and insights. More than what this, Pantanal questioned the idea of ' ' country of futuro' ' , that, exactly in the agricultural grotes, although the resistance of the traditional values, would take Brazil to find its place between the modern nations. In this workmanship, of Benedict Rui Barbosa, the personages abandoned the urban centers and tamed the center-west, anticipating a tourist script that would be intensified one decade later. Pantanal considered a meeting with traditional knowing, the nature, and was successful. For Gomes, Pantanal seemed to place the Brazilian society in contact with its past, mythically represented, not with its future. The justification for the ambient preservation, one of the subjects central offices, was based with one mitificado speech and utopizado, searching in our aboriginal matrices the totemismo in its more elementary form.