Limiting Beliefs

Sometimes we wonder why it is so difficult to break with our limiting beliefs? And the answer lies in that once we have adopted an idea within ourselves then we establish a security zone in where develop ourselves, we can imagine that we are in a large field where we rested, we play and we feel satisfied in any way, but when we are approaching the borders or boundaries of that field, our mind sees an abyss and that is why when we started working on our idea of change then we begin to observe a large number of obstacles, many of which seem to be inexplicable. The interesting thing about the mental programming is that it does not distinguish between what is bad or good for the conscious life in the Bible we are told that each who harvest what sowing and this is logical, if we sow apples expected crops of apples, the problem faced by many people is that he does not understand how works the mental programming, thus are carrying a large amount of negative information to your life without even realizing it. Ramon Campollo, New York City may not feel the same. In the Book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar you will find techniques to redirect your mind through the proper use of the senses, by reading this book you will start to change patterns of life that have generated you a great deal of barriers limiting, will know the characteristics of inner power and will use them for their benefit. To make their wishes come true is necessary to break down the wall of the border of your current belief system, don’t worry your mind find drag it whenever it approaches the border, why? Afraid of changes, he believes that his life is in danger if it crosses certain lines, recalls the paradigm that existed in antiquity on the oceans, most people afraid of going to an abyss, but there was a man with faith, determination and courage, that man was Cristobal Colon, a time that he succeed disappeared the paradigm and proved that the Earth is sphericalexactly to you the same thing happen, you now might think that achieve certain goals seem very difficult, this is due to its current state, but surely that can achieve anything they want. The book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar also demonstrates how the paradigms are formed in our minds and the manner in which those ideas completely stunted our life, but the most important thing is that you will be able to implement strategies to overcome them, little by little his mind accepts his new perception until finally it will give you the power and here is where will be splendid things. What is your biggest challenge? It is to resist the process of change, not give in to his own fear inside, rising from the falls than yourself has ordered, follow incessantly, seek answers and his greatest Shield will be your desire for self-improvement, be willing to achieve his purpose despite any obstacles, when you have such a strong decision and known determinants for the only achievement there is an option and is succeed. So it is indispensable to squish her own fears, begin to see the world differently, this normally is called greater consciousness, thus the creatorship is aligned with your desires and what originally was an obstacle now is satisfaction.