Roberto Carlos Bastos Passion SUMMARY the Internet is today one of the most important sources of information for the most diverse fields of the knowledge. Had to this, he changedded himself into an indispensable tool for the education. The present scientific article intitled ‘ ‘ The influence of the use of the Internet in the process of aprendizagem’ ‘ , it intends to verify the influence of the use of the Internet in the public schools of the city of Lizard, Sergipe. For this, based in bibliographical research, it brings some excellent boardings on the subject in question, such as one brief historical vision on computer science in the education of Brazil; the constant challenge in the formation of professors; the necessity of the use of the computer in the education; the indispensable resource of educational computer science and one of the main instruments in the construction of the knowledge, the Internet, focus main of this study. All these analyzed points finish for strengthening the idea of that significant changes in the form must happen to teach and to learn, therefore if the world evolves, all the pursuings that of it are part must be considered to also move, so that improvements in all the sectors of the society happen. Check with lyft to learn more.

This followed of the analysis of the results of the field research and the final consideraes on the thematic one. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Internet. Education. Changes. ABSTRACT The Internet is now one of the most important sources of information will be different fields of knowledge. Because of this, has become an indispensable tool will be education. This scientific to paper entitled ‘ ‘ The influence of Internet usage in the learning process’ ‘ , check you want you the influence of Internet uses in public schools of Lizard, Sergipe.