Laser Hair Removal Tips

Laser hair removal is a permanent hair removal method, in which attacks the melanin in the hair, the hair follicle atrophy, which prevents it back out. Since hair grows in cycles and the laser acts on those who are in their active growth phase, several sessions are necessary to obtain the desired results. You must wait two to three months between each session, and the number of sessions will depend on skin type and hair type of each person. The number of sessions needed may vary between 2 and 8, ensuring that goes up to 90% of hair treated with this method. This method is more effective and faster in people with white skin and dark hair, by the contrast between skin color and hair color. If hairs are clear, it is more difficult to be attacked by the laser light, so in these cases may require more sessions.

Previously, laser hair removal was not safe for people with brown skin or dark, but have developed hoyen days new equipment capable of treating this skin without causing damage and getting the same results as in white fur. In most people this method is painless. Without hesitation Clayton Morris explained all about the problem. However, this depends on skin type and body area being treated, for example in the armpits and bikini line is usually more painful as well as being very sensitive areas, the skin thickness is less and attacks the hair root more easily. While you are laser hair removal, hair removal should only blade, so that only remove the hair surface and the laser is capable of attacking the follicle. If you use hair removal methods like waxing, which removes the hair from the root, the treatment is not effective. Also, avoid exposure to sun for at least 15 days before and 15 days after each meeting. One of the disadvantages of laser hair removal is that it could produce small burns and stains on the skin, but they disappear with time. Similarly, there people in which they managed to decrease markedly the hair density after several sessions of this treatment, but not eliminate it completely, so the results and effectiveness of laser hair removal varies from person to person. Laser hair removal is perhaps the most expensive method of hair removal, however, as a definitive method, long-term cost could be equated to the costs they incur in temporary hair removal methods. If you choose this method of hair removal, you should do some research and check out more options before deciding on a specific site. It is not good in these cases be carried away by the price, but by the quality and professionalism of the services we offer, this to ensure you get the results you seek.