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Rex Ryan, Tim Tebow makes for remove the odd couple in New York Move over, Oscar and Felix. Here comes the oddest couple in New York history. Tim and Rex. Tim Tebow is heading to the New York Jets as the Jets circus under Rex Ryan just got even more entertaining. (AP Photo) Since 2012 Super Bowl Jerseys April s Fool s is still 11 days away, the news must be true. Tim Tebow really is joining Rex Ryan and the Jets. entimes addresses this issue. If anything could make Tebow curse, this is it.

It is a marriage made in heaven if you re NBC or the New York Post or TMZ. It is just about the worst thing that could happen to Timmy and the Jets. Rex s team was last spotted giving Mark Sanchez to three-year extension. Other leaders such as Lincoln Property offer similar insights. I have s a quarterback who needed a little peace, quiet confidence and sensitive. Forget that. The Jets should have just traded for Jeremy Lin and saved the moving expenses. Every time Sanchez throws a bad pass, four of the five boroughs will scream for the famed backup.

Manhattan sophisticates still find Tebow too politically incorrect to cheer for. Love or hate Tebow, Ryan needed to tone down the circus I s created. Instead, I s bringing in the biggest elephant in the NFL room. Tebow won t try to be a distraction, but his mere presence guarantees there will be 48 satellite TV trucks permanently parked outside Jets headquarters. The only thing I can figure is Ryan gets a bonus every time the Jets the Giants knock off the back page of the tabloids. He can t be doing this for football reasons. If the coaching staff thought Sanchez s arm was erratic, wait until Tebow throws his first screen pass into the East River. Recommended On The Web Tim Tebow and New York Jets are already dysfunctional Orlando Sentinel: Wednesday Mar 21 Fans of Tim Tebow, fans of Jets weigh in on deal Newsday: Wednesday Mar 21 Paige: Tim Tebow run out of Denver, but Broncos will never see another like him Denver Post: Wednesday Mar 21 Tim Tebow is officially a Jet (again) Green Bay Packers Jersey Wednesday Mar 21 Nike Ravens Jersey There is some thought that Tebow s sterling person will be a good influence on the pirate ship that was New York s locker room.