Earth Conditions

In the world you can find a great diversity of environments, due to the presence of different geographical and climatic conditions that include the formation of a great variety of landscapes that make up the globe; a clear example of this is the presence on the planet of the deserts, ecosystems that may occur as a little habitable environments for people, because their conditions which has given room for speaking of deserts is tell that they are environments with little life at the great lack of water resources, but this is not a criterion that is present in all desertsput each one counts with conditions specific that they accommodate the presence of certain types of life; Anyway deserts are one more than the components that comprise the entire set of environments and ecosystems that include the great diversity of the planet Earth. The main aspect that makes deserts own conditions that accompany his image, is the lack of precipitation, i.e. Read more here: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. from rain and other water resources, which have as an effect that the deserts are a surface almost completely desabitada, since most human beings need a good amount of water to live, which adds another effect of the lack of rainfall, which is the presence of arid terrain. Through various studies in various deserts, it has been determined that in such areas the presence of rains usually does not exceed 250 mm over the course of the year, which together with the presence of a hot environment by the predominance of the Sun and the absence of clouds, has made that such areas are arid and little habitable terrain. Despite extreme characteristics which may present the deserts, some is possible the presence of abundant life, since different components such as vegetation and some animals do adapt to the climatic conditions and terrain, so the vegetation manages to assimilate the conditions of low humidity and takes the advantage of the different components of the environment and in the case of fauna, what they do is hide from the Sun of the day with which manage to retain the moisture that is It presents in the evenings. However the presence of the life of people and the formation of social groups on the arid land that occur in deserts is something unsustainable, or making use of the different technological applications which are currently available to not to have any next resource for sustaining. Something particular in regard to the deserts, is that surface covering these represent the vast majority of emerged area, i.e. Earth, since the total extension covering the deserts is of approximately of 50 million square kilometres, which in other words means that the third part of the Earth’s surface is comprised of sand and large dune deserts with the lack of presence of water resources. Original author and source of the article