Construction Of A Playground On A Suburban Site

Our children should also be happy childhood with all the attributes. And so it was interesting to spend time in the village and they were always supervised by an adult, you can make a playground in their area. Leave room for your imagination, just give a few tips on how and where to make the site. The best budget option – to do this area on several houses. there hands and more money spent will be less. And the child will be able to play together with friends. Ate you want to make a site just on your site, then, logically, to make room away from the beds.

By the same place for the site should be as safe. Review and better dig this territory. Clean the future site of the glass or rusty nails. Also note that the venue for walking was hidden from direct sunlight. If you Hoth solve the problem with trees and shrubs, then better. That plants are safe (it is not necessary to plant the rose or elder). At the playground is not bad to take vacation spot adults who will look after the children. Better if it would be a gazebo or a bench under canopy.

Firstly you will be able to hide from the sun on a hot summer afternoon. M secondly be able to play with the baby when it's rain. What items on the site will be located – a matter of taste and purse. As a rule, all children sites have a play area. When you do it, the better, so the corners were too sharp and the edges are not too narrow, so on the edge, you could sit down. The size of the sandbox, a child must be from 1.5×1.5 to 2×2 feet. If children will be play more, it is better to increase the sandbox. Now sells a lot of beautiful, comfortable and safe utensils for children's playgrounds. This roller coaster, and houses and swings. What should I consider when purchasing, so this is something that over time, colors fade. more prone to burning red, yellow and black. Of course you can always look to upgrade, but it is important to take into account the fact that oil-based paints is better to paint the plastic parts. For this purpose, suitable car paint. If you have a chance, you can make yourself swing, sandbox and slide. The main thing is to make it safe for the child. No protruding nails and there was not sanded wood. If you're going to put a children's pool, then it is better positioned in the open air, the water temperature was maintained in a natural way. And less hassle. And, if you put a shade tree, then the pool does not fly any debris (bugs, spiders, sticks, leaves). And in any case, do not leave the deflated pool for the winter at the cottage – click pogryzut. And even if the playground is located near the adult recreation area, then we must think more carefully about how to house the grill (Or barbecue). And protect your child from possible injury. Your vacation at the cottage will be doubly better if your child will like to spend time on the court, and not destroy all of your beds:)