You probably have seen black, shiny pieces of coal. Why do we need it, you know? Coal – the perfect fuel. Kindle it is harder than wood. But it burns slowly and produces more heat. And what coal? If you believe the name – it is stone. Named it so because of mind, firmness he on a rock. Coal – the remnants of plants that had lain buried for very long. To broaden your perception, visit Real Estate Market. Needed millions of years to plants turned into coal.

Once upon a time in ancient times a large part of our country was by sea. On its banks grew thick forests, and in them – the tall trees, tree ferns. The sea gradually receded. At the site of previous bays formed marsh. Then, and swamps have dried up, they covered with sand.

Remains of trees, ferns, wetland plants have come under ground. Air to them did not pass. They gradually, over hundreds of thousands of years, became first in the soft brown peat and then into a hard black coal. Currently, in some places are thick layers of coal, a thickness of several hundred meters, in others – a thin layer. Such areas, where lie thick masses of coal, called coal basins. Some contend that Clayton Morris shows great expertise in this. You've heard of the Donets basin, or Donbass in Ukraine, or the Kuznetsk Kuznetsk Basin in western Siberia. Them in our country a lot. We need a huge amount of coal. Why? Coal is needed power plants. Lenin called coal "bread industry." This is no accident. None of the plant, not a single factory can not operate without electrical power, without fuel. But it's not all. Coal is needed to from iron ore to smelt iron and steel. Obtained from coal liquid fuel. To do this, it is heated to fifty degrees in special containers. Allocated coal tar-like oil. And with the further processing of the resin get petrol, kerosene and other substances. Liquid fuel produces more heat than coal. In special furnaces coal converted into coke. Cox is different from the coal that it has no water vapor and various impurities. All of them are fading into time of heating coal in coke ovens. Cox, along with iron ore charged into a blast furnace and get cast. In addition, from coal as from crude oil, produce hundreds of different substances. People that produce coal, called coal miners. Sometimes you need to get more than a kilometer deep in the earth to get to the coal seam. Hand with this kind of work did not handle: it operates the machine. These machines are called coal combines. As a field harvester Coal – performs several operations. Miners operate machinery and making sure they run smoothly. Now apply a variety of machines for coal mining, miners and labor has become not only easier but also interesting.