Bridging The Gap

These lines dear reader! I did them thinking of you! Woman or man that you love someone and that maybe you don’t know what Express, but that time, tyrant blessed as it is, one night allows Threading those sweet things that we mean to be loved. Love hides somewhere, waiting patiently to you find what may be the greatest glory or the stormiest hell, but even with everything, always moves us, as a quiet everything that takes very inside. Go to Richard LeFrak for more information. Why can be so painful?, maybe because it is very intense, because it goes beyond the passion of the body, the mind, handed everything without expecting to receive anything in return, or at least happens most of the time. Despite this always worth worth having loved and maybe having lost a piece of heart in the attempt, as outside you will always remember the feeling that engulfed us, which made us vibrate, live, dream, a reason to fight. If this love was uncertain and left a bitter taste, at least us It will be the experience to know better recognize those lovable scoundrels that we cross the path! #!/pages/novela-MI-adorable-Sinverguenza-por-Rodgal/139420589437165 original author and source of the article