Argentina Car

Just me I could give an account of this attack (was not a dog doberman, or Doge, was only a dog common and medium texture). That is as much as I screech could not help it, because it appeared of surprise from my left. The issue is that this dog to jump on my car, could the trajectory hit me on the plate of the car in an area of 2 m2. However: 1 match positive paste with the head in the rearview mirror of the driver, with such force that the mirror is retracted about 45 (in modern cars mirrors Mirrors are may retract up to 90 ) with which this allows in the first instance that hard plastic absorbs the blow without suffering consequences of this. I.e. in this first match, the dog hit on the rearview mirror and not about those 2 m2 of veneer that would have involved an abollamiento of about 20 cm 2 2nd positive coincidence that slap doesn’t end there. Given the strength of the same, the plastic base that holds the mirror, which in turn is fixed on that hard plastic housing, leapt with such good fortune that fell on my legs. 3Rd positive match if I had 5 cm above window mirror that flew had collided with it and surely would have broken out in pieces and may even have broken the window. as a relevant resource throughout.

When I got out of the car I went back to attach the mirror in place as if nothing had happened. Downtown Philadelphia Condos oftentimes addresses this issue. 4 Positive match and still needed something more. I imagined that hitting me dog, with the legs could have me scratched paint. So was that after I download my I saw a few scratches (the car was a bit dirty by the rains of the previous days). However the other day when I washed the car I saw that the scratches were not such, rather than the redshift of land on the plate.

I.e. I could not believe it, there had been a series of positive coincidences which had fully subsidised the problem (the clash of the dog). With which I understand that this only occurred to me as a message: to the extent that one apply positive thinking in your life, although problems will not cease to exist, many of them will be reduced to its minimum expression, or as in this case is totally bonificaran. Por_lo_tanto this article narrate them three problems: 1st) facing one to start with a negative attitude which produced a high chain of negative issues that ranged in time more than the predictable. 2 ) Another faced with a positive mindset (but without knowledge of the law of attraction) that produced only a small chain of negative problems, which were resolved quickly. 3 ) And last, making constant use of the law of attraction, which produced a chain of positive issues, that nullified all the consequences that could be negative (bonus issue). And as I always say on this topic, there are no coincidences everything is the result of something. You now draw their own conclusions and from there begin to analyze their own experiences.