Adriatic Dortmunder

Warsteiner is namesake for training boat of the Adriatic sailing team a christening seen not alway right not so one like that on November 15 in the Dortmund port. Because the steel yacht of Adriatic Dortmunder sport boat school sailing team has rather unusual way its name found on: via auction. The Warsteiner brewery was ultimately meistbietend. The Adriatic had determined the auction proceeds sailing team for kids pools e.V., Dortmund. “That had motivated the Warsteiner brewery with to steigern: we support the children’s laughter club for some time and have engaged us to once again for this good purpose”, Jana Meissner stresses of the Warsteiner brewery.

We were also very innovative idea to auction off a boat name,”, explains the employee of Warsteiner corporate communications. “” The christening was traditional: A bottle of champagne on the ship’s hull was smashed and the Avanti “the Warsteiner became”. The check with the auction total of 600 euros was in place and Pass position, directly on the docks. Click Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala to learn more. The famous Dortmund figure skater Marina Kielmann representative accepted the monetary donation in the amount of 600 euros for children’s laughter. The Warsteiner upscale fresh from baptism”schippert off immediately with the students of the Adriatic sailing team through the port. Even in winter, the driving lessons take place on the licence to prepare. Adriatic sailing team Dortmund, Landgrave str. 138, Tel. 0231/5602353, fax: 0231 / 5602352; author: Jens OLE Wilberg, PR: event: Wilberg