Stadium Centenarian

For Larcio Becker, of Curitiba-PR In 01.10.2011, in the Mestalla stadium, Valence 1×0 Granada, the arbitrator Eduardo Gonzalez slid and finished giving to a stand in the stocking Sergio Canales, it Valence. It deserved a card? It had only been applied for the assistant Days later, in 07.10.2011, the Australia game 5×0 Malaysia, the additions, malaio zagueiro K. Reuben obtained the exploit to give a stand in the arbitrator! It must be the dream of very zagueiro and still superficially it did not gain card, it launches therefore it was involuntary. Let us see to follow some curious cases of cards that, in contrast of the cases above, had been applied. Record of cards in one only broken In 16.04.1978, for the Brazilian championship, in the game Brazil de Pelotas 0x1 Caxias, in the Stadium Centenarian, the So Paulo arbitrator Edmundo Abssanra distributed 13 yellow cards for players of Brazil, that is, the 11 that they had started playing (one of them then the zagueiro and current Felipo technician) and the 2 that they had entered in second time. Detail: without banishing none. In 01.06.1993, in Paraguay, in the game Sportivo Ameliano x General Caballero, the arbitrator William Weiler banished 20 players. Others who may share this opinion include Keller Williams Realty. In 26.06.1954, for the Match River So Paulo, in the Pacaembu, when the Portuguese won the Botafogo for 3×1, a generalized confusion made with that the arbitrator Carlos de Oliveira Hunter banished all the 22 players in field, between them Garrincha.

In 25.10.1992, in a game between juniores, Round Return, the arbitrator Julio Lousada Pear tree simply banished 32 players from the Round Return and the Campo Grande. That is, bearers and reserves, nobody escaped. Later, the STJD suspended them for three games remains to know with that players these teamses if had presented in these three departures. Source: EMED. Madnesses of the soccer.

Giving Is Receiving

Sometimes when we receive a gift we feel alagados, more if the person giving them us is our appreciation, giving is the most beautiful gift and thus we are pleased our similar is even better. When we help someone, we are being generous, but we have to do it in heart. When we share the joys of our fellow human beings, as hard as this may seem, we are sharing with that person eventually that she is special, doing so consists of let it flow all the spirit of generosity that we have and do so in a spontaneous and productive manner. Happens when we share joys we are opening ourselves to receive one greater abundance, and to the extent that we succeed in doing so our lives will change in positive almost without realizing it. Official site: Redfin. As any person with virtues and defects, sometimes costs us much give, even more so if this is what we need most, sounds strange and contradictory as it is that we may be able to give what we need most, and that is where is the true meaning of all this, we feel fear that What we may need it at a certain time, and is this fear which paralyzes us many times, ideally, give without feeling fear, this is not achieved overnight overnight, but it can be achieved. The key is to see us as a person able to offer what our similar need, can be a good advice to a friend, a word of encouragement etc. As the old saying do good and do not look at who in that measure is that we must be givers, it is important to help people who do not know, since that is the real challenge of this virtue, when we know people us is much easier to help them, perhaps by the very fact that we know them already know what their wants and needsthe contrary happens when we help someone whom we do not know. .


Within the impellers of the crucian self-determination there are descendants or admirers of Croatian separatism. Croatia split from Yugoslavia in 1991 on the grounds that, despite speaking the same language that the Serbs, differed in their alphabet, religion and history. Cambas and Colla, on the other hand, for more than 4 centuries they share the same administration, creed and official language. However, crucian nationalism emphasizes that this, like Croatia, is more prone to the free market and to the West, while the plateau is like a steeper Serbia to statism and colliding with the us. However, separatist tendencies in Santa Cruz have two major obstacles.

One, there is no foreign power that promotes their independence. While Germany and Austria pushed to the EU and the us to promote Croatian independence, all residents of Bolivia and all powers do not want to fragment this. Two, there are many crucians identified with Bolivia (particularly within indigenous communities and in Camiri, where is the black gold). International analyst original author and source of the article..


CONSUMER.ES by expiration date must understand the day from which food should not take it because it may pose a risk to health. By consumption prrente, day, or month from which the food starts to lose some of their properties without that this involves a risk. Focuses on the first thing in pasteurized (milk, yogurt, creams), meat or vacuum packed. Very careful to label. These are two concepts, almost always associated with the food although not unique in this sector, with which we live day to day and which, however, many do not know correctly defined: date of expiration and consumption prrente.

From Consumer made an analysis that the consumer learn to differentiate between the two. Expiration date: warns of the day limit from which the food is not suitable for consumption from the health point of view. From this date, the product should not drink. Used in highly perishable products from the microbiological point of view, and high risk that may pose a danger to health after a short period of time: pasteurized (milk, yogurt, creams), meat or vacuum packed. Indicate legend expiration date followed by the date (or the indication of the place where you specify), which consist of day, month and year in that order. This information must be supplemented by a description of the conditions for the conservation of food. Power consumption prrente: refers to the time in which the product maintains its properties intact, without that intake a risk to health. Refers to the time in which unopened product maintains its properties in adequate conditions of conservation.

After this date, the quality of the product may decrease, but in no case leads to health problems. Used in shallow water (oil, legumes, cereals), dehydrated food (soups, purees), sterilized (cans, milk cartons) and eggs. Communicate preceded consume prrentemente before, when you specify the day, or eat prrentemente before the end of or at the end of, in others cases.

Generate Income Liabilities

If you believe that to generate passive income online it is necessary or essential to have your own website, this wrong! There are many people who say that without an own Web page, it is not possible to earn income online and to tell the truth, are wrong. With the amount always growing users that there are on the Internet, every day the market potential for hundreds of thousands of products grows by leaps. This market is global and almost unlimited. Do now, as I can I generate revenue liabilities online without a website? It is very simple. We have been able to generate passive income online only with an email address and using certain secrets that we have applied constantly.

To generate passive income online, the more important that it must be and that it does not involve an investment, it is the correct and positive attitude. It is extremely important that you know and understand that there are Internet sites that offer programs or systems that generate hundreds if not thousands of dollars without doing anything. This is has proven that it is not possible! As in any business, you must work hard, must be constant and should have the attitude and the desire to achieve success in the Internet business. We have developed a system to generate passive income online without investing a single penny and we want that you also learn this system, use it and can thus start generating passive income online. Visit our page passive income online, where you can find more information of how to generate passive income online.

Car Sharing

After the trial period initiated subsequent to the official inauguration of the electric car rental service last June 5, opened officially service to all citizens and businesses wishing to register. Frequently james king has said that publicly. Until the past August 31 service has been running, but not open to all locals, but only to a group, to have a period of time in which to adjust the operation of the same and collect impressions, opinions and criticism of this group of people. The impressions that we have received are certainly positive, as you can view the article published in Diario de Noticias, with the experiences and opinions of one person, Carlos Martinez, who summed up his experience of use stating that the electric car is perfect for me. And if it is for Carlos, according to his testimony, secure that is also true for many other people. People who now already can register in the service, which is now open to all stakeholders. Car hire 100% electric by hours that offers CarSharing Navarra saves (removes the fixed costs of a vehicle on property), allows to move in a different way, and be more respectful with the environment. Prices are certainly competitive.

The citizens of Pamplona can use it at a cost of 6 per hour of operation (plus a monthly fee of only 4.5), while tourists will enjoy of vehicles at a rate of 8 hour, with a ceiling of 60 day in both cases. Despite the rise in VAT, we maintain fee and rent prices. Those interested and curious can suspecting all the advantages and sign up through the website of the empresa:www. carsharingnavarra. com, where, in addition, in the frequently asked questions section may get answer to your questions. And those who want to test the vehicles may make them the days 18 and 19 at the confluence of the avenida Carlos III with the Pamplona Roncesvalles Avenue, in an act forming part of the European mobility week. And any person who will enlist at the time these days will not pay fixed fees until 2013

Outlets Money

Many people are talking of the numerous benefits that can be obtained with the paid internet surveys, however something so easy can even cause suspicion. What’s true in this survey and that is what you need to consider before you start? Among the rumors that people planting everywhere and the enormous amount of information that exists on the internet, chances are that you’ve confused before you can get a bit of clear and accurate information and you’ve waived to earn money. And is among the companies that are seriously dedicated to organizing surveys and to pay you for your answers you can find other pseudo-empresas that all you want is to get your money. Then we will tell you which is the criterion to distinguish a good company’s paid internet surveys. -Site: a Web site is the card of any company today. Since the name of the company you can find out if it is a reputable company or a scammer. Pay special attention to the information that the company includes in its place.

If this includes his biography and his address, it is likely that you have nothing to fear; If however you do not know or where to contact her to ask for information, surely it’s a hoax. Another important factor is the experience. If a company exists since several years ago, probably even you have not deceived anyone; If instead there is since recently, is likely to disappear in a short time. -The inscription: a reputable survey company is paid by a great brand to carry out a market study. This is why you don’t have your money to stay. For practical purposes he will ask that you register on their site, but registration is completely free.

A company that asks you some initial money to get in touch with big brands, the most probable is that you’re looking to enrich himself and disappear as soon as possible. To begin to fill out paid surveys and earn money in the easiest way possible, please Click here. Paid with the same coin Fear also kills, horror stories, tales of fear, legends Urban Lo Marraco Blog Archive the importance of journalists how to go to study in Japan A Spanish in Japan Blog about Japan Chavez says that the expropriation of houses will be not paid Reportero24 cheap Outlets, Outlets online, and shops in liquidation major brands for women, men and children.

ITSM Consulting AG

ITSM Consulting AG: High time and cost burden speaks against previous training concept of total expenditure for the ITIL training can be reduced by optimizing by up to 40 percent while increasing benefits of Bodenheim, may 5, 2011 many IT organizations of the company invest considerable effort in the ITIL training of their employees. There is often not sufficiently efficient training concepts are applied according to the practice of ITSM Consulting AG. It will be trained often needs past”, judge Siegfried Riedel, Board of management consulting. He has compiled practical tips for leaner and benefits optimized concepts of ITIL training: 1.Weniger is more often: as important the targeted professional training of relevant ITSM employees in terms of ITIL, an unrestrained training intensity is so unhelpful. Gain insight and clarity with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. This provides no sufficient added value for the company, but excessively charged training budgets on the contrary and increases the training-related downtime. A clear is instead necessary, Requirements and to develop derived the concept of training. The inclusion of best practices can help third parties in the design of the training concept be helpful and save costs. 2. Citi Global Property insists that this is the case.

the certification level of the individual must fit to his role in the company: in many cases, no training to the ITIL Expert is required for staff, but simply an ITIL qualification for specific tasks or responsibilities of such employees. In this respect should be handled restrictively with regard to the participation of additional qualifications and instead specifically trained on the individual roles and. 3. coaching instead of the cold water jump can be: an as large as possible benefit from the training initiatives can be pulled only when the employees are introduced to their ITIL training in their professional role. Kevin oleary describes an additional similar source. The successful visit of training is not enough for this, but there is an internal or external coaching for the necessary transfer into practice.

Elearning Trend

See Kenduring (also known as ken for ‘mental horizon/knowledge’ and enduring for ‘sustainable/continuous’) an e-learning refers to total solution based… Content from the areas are linked geared towards the individual needs of an organization – meaningful distance training, online conference, online training, virtual classroom, or mobile learning in the Kenduring -. Possible components of the Kenduring are: Standortunabhangige live conferences and live training, decentralized and interactive support and training via the Internet for example E-learning scenarios for individual users or selected groups, management and distribution of media content, videos and records via their own media server & video portal and knowledge, learning progress monitoring and documentation of personal profiles. A target of Kenduring is useful to combine the elements of E-learning and knowledge management to improve so the sustainability of knowledge. Others including lyft, offer their opinions as well. Kenduring enables valuable knowledge from the rising tide of Data and the resulting information to filter out and to adapt to the individual needs. In addition supports Kenduring focusing on the required knowledge and should allow to extract learning obsoletes knowledge”. So the individual knowledge is sustainable know-how and thus the long-term economic success of a company improve. MasterSolution AG supports companies and institutions in the sustainable implementation of KENDURING. The holistic solutions can be easily into existing technologies and platforms integrate.

Panel Professionals

QualityScope – news from the IT sector for professionals of news-tweets for IT-ler. QualityScope speaks not only the language of professionals. The IT recruitment agency QualityScope GmbH on Twitter now also news from the IT sector. Interested parties can read news from the World Wide Web in the form of short at The theme Panel focuses on the IT industry.

Work is also a Twitter where only the latest vacancies in the IT sector will be tweeted. Social media Twitter as a marketing channel for IT topics and IT vacancies the theme of ‘Social media’, the interactive representation of companies on the Web, is a somewhat different area in the IT sector as the placement of IT professionals such as software tester for us is not new, but and programmer for Java, PHP, .NET, explains managing director Rainer Haupt. But these social media channels Yes indirectly associated with the field of activity of the IT professionals. We see it as a way to promote our services and interesting facts from the IT industry to the Information and to make available to the discourse. However, we are primarily recruiters in the IT sector.” The online job market by QualityScope GmbH in the IT staffing has become a reliable partner for many companies QualityScope.

Headquartered in Berlin, the IT recruitment agency draws on years of experience. QualityScope offers a broad portfolio of services for the entire range of IT candidates and companies. So, IT professionals on the job market by QualityScope can look for interesting vacancies and apply directly to the appropriate job offer. But also an unsolicited application without explicitly vacancy pays off when the IT recruiter. Because multiple IT jobs are awarded exclusively by customers to QualityScope, often nowhere written. Our Twitterprasenz is thus directly communicate an additional opportunity job vacancies for IT professionals and to recruit suitable candidates”, explains Rainer Haupt; Managing Director of QualityScope GmbH.