the Reality of Dreams

During sleep, not to resist unpleasant comments. This is the advice of people who reject precedents. We do not have a way to stop these memories that we prefer to forget but to keep a lesson we should learn. When you sleep do not exercise conscious control, we are free from bias, free of inhibitions. Everything seems to flow smoothly. Basically that part of our mind capable of structural changes remains receptive and active: get information, get advice coming, get the guide to action.

And that is that we are acting, saying or doing that which does not naturally we encouraged them to do or say. Intelligent loads work wonderfully in the sand of dreams and daydreams when the mind allows a wedge to enlightenment. The individual appears to be clueless, distracted or “elsewhere” but his mind is receptive, in a state of alert. This individual is abandoned in some way to experience the reality from another location and is engaged in the process of “recruitment.” His mind enabled and equipped as a magnet to afford to be drawn, captured, even haunted by the intelligent content you need to understand your problem and solve it. Sometimes these views are apparent in a way so powerful that the person awake and out of your trance, this state of distraction and return to reality. Sometimes these appearances may seem cute, innocent, nice, tender, full of freshness or as surprising wisdom that fills us with joy. Because this is what we need. Under the influence of the flower remedy, the mind is open to receive these subjective impressions.