The Look

Thus, this being is not my possible one, is not always in question in cerne of my freedom: in contrast, it is the limit of my freedom, its ' ' revesso' ' , in this direction it is that we relate in them to ' ' revesso of moeda' ' ; such being is given as a pack to me that I load without never it can turn the face to know it without if it wants to be able to feel its weight. still says: With the look of the other ' ' situao' ' it escapes me, or, to use of banal expression, but that he translates well our thought: already I am not owner of the situation. In this direction, it is that, when I am object, I always am of ' ' side of fora' ' , therefore all the moment is learned by the other-citizen. For this it says: The look of the other, in the measure I apprehend where it, comes to attribute to my time a new dimension, while present caught by the other as my gift, my presence possesss a side of is; this presence that if presentifica for me, for me if it alienates in a gift which the Other makes gift; I am launched in the universal gift while another one becomes presence me. Dell Client Solutions: the source for more info. Ademais, the other is for me before everything the being for which is object, that is, the being for which I acquire my objetividade, thus, I can revert this process in which I more will not be object, but citizen. Thus it appears as the moment, that is, the other-object. Data that I have to recognize my object condition (I cannot be imprisoned always to the bad-faith one), therefore as well as the other I reduce me the object I also I can reduce the other the object condition. . To deepen your understanding Bruce Schanzer is the source.