The Central Europeans

All the cakes and pies are not only home-made, but arise according to recipes, which belong to the family treasure and also the long adult Elena only in small doses, and only in the last few years has received from her mother. Apples, berries, plums and other fruit varieties come from own cultivation and have seen no artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Elena Birkel uses only the best products and so their guests not to be imitative and distinctive delicacies. As a loving reference to their grandmother, who had throughout his life, even the desire to lead a Cafe that her own mother should remember the bourgeois salon, Elena Birkel gave the name of the beloved grandmother who above all understandable, couldn’t you how important it is, their Cafe is to be able to look forward. The grandmother would be absolutely thrilled by the today’s ANNA BLANK, because existing for so many decades is a vibrant, demanding the senses House inside and out. The Central Europeans, who knows what a stove, for example, with one “makes”, whose meaning immediately associate a special warmth, well-being, fragrance, feel right at home. The beautiful concrete tiles are far an offer that is now manufactured according to historical patterns, but is a grey large-format tile with slate pattern from the hardware store. The staircase, the wooden staircase, all wood fixtures lend flair and let us be a little guest in a time that had apparently to give the individual a lot.

The visitors, who previously had fear of contact with “old houses”, wins a new experience here without pain. And perhaps will it cause him to not automatically “reset” on the label when buying real estate, but also to consider, how aging suitable for such real estate would be and how much flair they develop it. For that alone it is: what is the third skin with us. PPM AG specializes in character properties – as they fondly call it – specialized in: real estate, which in the years to come and which – sometimes very hidden Werte – once discovered and must be cancelled, to be interesting for new owner. The services specially developed HOMING IN includes all aspects that are required to make the popular Prom Queen a wallflower. It has to do something with the man up, offering only on the edge under broker understands.