TCHIBO Marketplace

Professional entry into the E-Commerce for commercial mid-market new online marketplace! The growth of E-commerce are unbroken. As well, the success stories of startup companies have cleverly placed himself. More and more businesses are looking for ways your products and services over the Internet parallel market. You need an own Internet presence! But the decision is sometimes very difficult due to lack of expertise. It has long been clear that the decision for a private online business entail many other decisions.

Finally, this investment will quickly discard profit. Countless questions to be answered. How to properly Pack something? What logistical and administrative requirements must take account of it. What legal framework is decisive. How to get to, to be found in the search engines. Who cares for the content and products of the Internet presence? What ongoing costs? Is my business model for the operation of an Internet presence? These questions are by consultants and Agencies answered very differently. Each depending on what online solutions want to be sold. Here to find a trusted partner fed up with recommendations is dependent on often.

For a few years an unusually simple concept but implied causes a stir. But it is often the simple ideas that turn as awesome. The own online marketplace! What does you envisage including? Similar to a weekly market of online marketplace offers the customers a wide range of providers. All in all approximately 1,400 online stores that offer more than 100 million products. The best known and most popular, such as OTTO, NECKERMANN, TCHIBO, SCHLECKER, PLUS, CONRAD, and others are of course the game. As the owner of this online marketplace, now each trader has opportunities that are profitable from the first day. And within a week. The decision to own online-shop in the own online marketplace is the best, because this is not extra must be optimized for search engines, because it immediately in the search engine query of over 5,000 other online marketplaces is integrated.