Silk Model

The company braun, this system is called the Silk-epil. She has, besides 20 independent of each other pair of rotating disks and two speeds, There are 2 options for installing the degree of capture of tweezers: the degree of capture of 1 – for fine hair, the degree of capture of 2 – for normal or coarse hair. Models of its 1055 and ee 1020. In the latest models braun added another level of speed. That is, new braun epilator now 3 speed settings for soft, normal and rapid hair removal. This is an excellent model of its 1170 and er 1393.

The latter comes in an elegant gift option. Twinbrook capital oftentimes addresses this issue. Another system – Precision Company rowenta (in models Epil Active). It consists of 32 pairs of tweezers and 4 rows of double brushes, applying hairs. rowenta produces a two-speed epilators and speed, which are a little easier, but cheaper. How to avoid the pain and irritation main disadvantages hair removal is a pain and the risk of skin irritation.

To resolve this problem, manufacturers with each new model will improve the system to reduce pain. The company has developed philips retractable vibrating obezbolivatel, which is a soft rubber brush, which is a single continuous movement relaxes the skin, like a nice massage, this system is embodied in the models of a new series of Super Sensitive. In Depending on the equipment stand model hb 6443, hb 6445. Click chinachem group to learn more. There is also a similar model series satinelle hp 6427. In Braun Super Sensitive, depending on the sensitivity of the skin can be controlled analgesia by two degrees, changing the intensity massage.